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Jul 15, 2011 12:55 PM

Montreal's gay village

Good inexpensive place to eat in Montreal's gay village with vegetarian choices?

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  1. I would recommend O'Thyme (French) and Kitchenette (bistro) as the two good places to eat in the Village but they usually don't have vegetarian mains so if you're OK with having some appetizers then it can work. They are moderately priced so not sure if that still fits in with your criteria for inexpensive food.

    Otherwise, I find the food in the Village OK but nothing to write home about.

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    1. re: looosia

      Thanks! Have you ever tried Bato Thai or EstAsie near Metro Beaudry?

      1. re: Loumimosa

        Both are definitely sub-par. The Village is not a great destination for food.

    2. I enjoy Piatto Della Nonna for very simple and no-frills homemade Italian dishes. It's not another red sauce joint... fresh ingredients and daily menus (albeit based on similar variations of a few dishes) are generally done quite well and with care. It's nothing special and not much of a destination spot I don't think, but the prices are fantastic (all meals include soup or balsamic salad and dessert cake, italian cookies and allongé) with good priced wines and italian beers. Service is forgetful but well intended and friendly. The waitress is really a sweetheart but expect to remind her a couple of times for refills and last time we waited almost 40 minutes for our dessert before opting out and leaving. It can vary though. It's certainly veg friendly (the house 'nonna' sauce is tomato based over hand cut fusilli, gnocci, etc) and probably the best option that I can think of in the area. I really like their sausages with pesto as a side plate and though I've never ordered, they usually offer veal shank or some other carnivorous options. I've truthfully never had a really mind-blowing meal at Nonna's, but never a disappointing one either. Set your expectations for very simple, market fresh, good quality but basic cuisine and you won't be disppointed. It's become a "go-to" for quick lunches and dinners when I'm in the mood for Italian and an inexpensive meal with friends. It's on Amherst and (I think) St-Catherine btw.

      Edit: O'Thym's is fantastic (would be my first choice in the area) and very reaosnably priced but doesn't really fit the 'inexpensive' bill, depending on the use of the word. Expect to pay around $50 p/p.

      1. Do you eat sushi? Miyako on Amherst used to be good but I haven't been in eons.

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          I know that the village is not the best place to eat by far in Montreal...Piatto Della Nonna is closed permanently (just looked it up on the web??) and yes, i know Miyako but haven't been there either for a long time. I will be with young friends from Austin on a restricted budget. They are the vegetarian ones. We will be in the village for something else and thought that we could grab something to eat there but nothing seems exciting so far. I guess we'll just walk away somewhere else...

          Thanks for responding!

          1. re: Loumimosa

            Nonna is definitely not closed permanently, or at all.

            It used to be on St-Laurent years back which may be what you're referring to, but I was there last Thursday for dinner and they were very much open. Again, it's terrible service and very simple but fresh homecooked dishes done well. It's still your best bet (and quite good in fact) for a cheap lunch in the area. You'll end up paying $25 with tax & tip and it'll go a long way. But there's certainly better food in the city.

            1. re: OliverB

              You are right! I had picked an older site, Thanks!