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Jul 15, 2011 12:20 PM

Family Vacation to Cape Cod... where to go for good eats!

Hi CH nation!

My California family (3 kids 15 - 10) are spending a week on the lower cape (is that the correct terminology?)

I spent summers there as a kid in a different life when I was from the east coast, but haven't been there in so long. I really don't know where to start planning, but What I do know is I want some good eats.

I would love to take the kids for lobster like I remember it, at a small shack, sitting out back on lobster crates. Mostly I am looking for simple fresh options where we can wear flip flops and relax. We will have a car and don't mind traveling to other parts of the cap for daily adventures. And I am sure my husband and I will ditch the kids for a night for something a bit less kid friendly.

I know, not much direction in my request! The summer has gotten away from me, and I haven't even begun to do research. So the real question for all you Cape hounders, where would you take first time visitors to your lovely area?

Thanks So much

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  1. Which town are you staying in?

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      We are staying at a family friends "compound", and I don't have the exact address yet. I don't think it is technically "on the cape" it's north of Sandwich, few miles from the beach. Yes I am terribly unprepared! I have been told we can get to Wellfleet in a little less than an hour.

      1. re: SUmoldoll

        I drove to Welfleet yesterday and with the traffic it took more than one hour. And I live off exit 5 off Rte 6 ON the Cape. Keep in mind that depending on the day, getting over the bridge just to get on the Cape can take an hour or more. Are you in Plymouth perhaps? It makes a difference in order to get you reasaonable recs. If so, you won't want to make many trips to the lower Cape (Eastham, Welfleet, Truro, PTown.)

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          Since we will be there tuesday to tuesday, my plan is to head out towards Wellfleet on a weekday, as to try to avoid the weekend traffic, and stick closer to where we are staying (which I believe is close to Sagamore beach) over the weekend. I know we will be dealing with high season madness, but I i use to spend summers in Wellfleet, and would hate to not make it up there. But unfortunately I think that will be only one day. Maybe another day in Brewster/Dennis area. NO IDEA! I just want the kids to get a true cape experience... lobster rolls, clam strips, ice cream, at least that's how I remember it.

          1. re: SUmoldoll

            sounds like you are on Upper Cape. I defer to others to steer you in that direction..BUT if I were you I would drive 6 A to Dennis and stop at Sesuit Cafe for great lobster and BYOB..views are amazing..Ice Cream Smuggler after...

            1. re: SUmoldoll

              If I were driving 3 kids to Wellfleet for one afternoon I would take them to the beach at Cahoon Hollow and have an early supper at the Beachcomber.The $15 fee for the beach is refunded in food at the Beachcomber. I had the best fish tacos there last summer- it was what everyone was eating -but my fish hating husband had some horrid chicken fingers. So it's not a chow favorite but the drinks and the atmosphere are Cape Cod for me.and it's so much fun for kids. We've stayed in Plymouth Manomet area before and I'm sure you can find the perfect lobster dinner closer to home.

      2. We just returned from a week-long stay in S. Yarmouth and can second Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis. It's BYOBand you sit on picnic tables overlooking a busy boating channel. Get there early--we went at 6p.m.on a Friday evening and people were lining up for food and a picnic table.

        We also stopped at Chew Cafe, off Route 6A in Sandwich thanks to my Chowhound research. They have nice outdoor seating and inventive breakfast sandwiches and nice pastries. It's a good place for breakfast or lunch.

        Finally, I'd recommend Joey's Pizzeria on Lower County Rd in Dennisport. Don't let its fairy tale look deceive you (it looks some kitschy Hansel & Gretel children's playhouse ). But, the pizza's really good (thin crust, great sauce) and you can eat it outside on picnic tables with a pitcher of beer. Further down the street is Sundae School, which has some great ice cream and a neat player piano inside. My 3 year old loved the free "soda jerk" hat they gave out, too.

        Enjoy your trip!

        Sesuit Harbor Cafe
        357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638

        Joey's Pizzeria
        197 Lower County Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639