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Jul 15, 2011 12:19 PM

Shnitzel Time & Sushi? Ocean NJ

A curious new joint has opened up in Oakhurst, 66 Monmouth Rd. I believe. It's called something like Shnitzel & Sushi.

Anyway, I would suggest skipping this place. 10 bucks buys you a tiny footlong that barely has any meat in it. And whatever meat is inside, you'll be sorry you bit into.

They have a web site,, but it seems to be for another location in NY or something.

I haven't had their sushi but I don't see why it'd be worth trying...

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  1. that's all that it is joonjoon - just another 'prop up' for our friends from Brooklyn visiting for the summer. It's really something watching folks park right on Monmouth Rd (no parking allowed) and the local PD doesn't do a damned thing about. Brennan's Deli (next door has all the regular patrons park behind the building) Then there's this joke of a place. Last week I saw a NY'er pull a K turn in front of the place 'holding up traffic because she couldn't even pull that basic move off without a hitch) as she tried to park in front of the place.

    Sushi is to be had elsewhere - in fact, the stuff made up at Foodtown is probably superior as it is an offshoot of Danny's (Imperial) in Red Bank which has arguably the best sushi chef down here.

    Avoid this place is right. There's no commitment to quality or being part of the community. Spend your $$ at Brennans, Gianni's, or travel up W Park to any number of places (Nino's, Grossman's, Michael's Uptown etc etc).

    This place will shut down come Labor Day, just like we know puppies will be abandoned in nearby Palia Park, and the box trucks move em out come September.

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      I am not a fan of the sushi/shnitzel combo, but I will be scouting for puppies at Palaia Park come September! Thanks for the tip! lol.