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Jul 15, 2011 12:13 PM

What to do with Arugula

I have tons of Arugula in my garden. I am tired of just adding it to salads is there anything else I can do with it? Same question for my Giant Red Mustard.

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  1. Arugula makes a delicious pesto. Use walnuts instead of pine nuts; they're especially delicious if you toast them before grinding with the garlic, arugula, oil and salt. You don't even need to add cheese.

    But, if you can stand one more salad recipe that really tastes so much better than the sum of its parts, try the arugula, date, feta and radicchio salad on the Epicurious website. It is visually appealing and very delicious. Even people who don't like radicchio or arugula like it because of the sweet-salty date and feta combination.

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      i LOVE arugula pesto. the bitter-on-bitter combination of arugula and walnuts can be a bit much for some people, so using naturally sweet cashews, almonds or pistachios is a great is mixing some baby spinach in with the arugula.

    2. Grilled Skirt Steak, grilled onions and mushrooms. Crumbled Blue Cheese on to of a bed of Arugala. Mustard Vinegritte

      1. We used to grow arugula and when it got bigger and therefore a little tough and bitter, we would chop it roughly and add to a pasta of browned zucchini/summer squash slices, garlic and goat cheese. The sweet and bitter tastes played off each other nicely and it used a good bit of arugula. Yesterday we made a pizza on the grill that was topped with arugula, thinly sliced proscuitto and parmigiano--we grilled the dough ahead of time, put on those ingredients and then left with the lid down until cheese melted and arugula wilted slightly. We also add arugula regularly to virtually any pasta dish--tomato sauced, cream and cheese, even broccoli and sausage. A handful or two kind of disappears into the dish and adds a slight bitter note as well as all the nutrition of arugula. Also great instead of lettuce in sandwiches, on burgers etc.

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          Agreed - pizza topped with fresh argula is divine.

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            Especially if you add dried figs and drizzle balsamic syrup over it.

        2. I'm not sure what giant red mustard looks like but you could make preserved mustard greens and then have that available when you go make Taiwanese beef noodles in the fall.

          The arugula would be nice to offset the richness of porchetta, or you can have it as part of a pasta (arugula, mushrooms, onions, bacon, garlic). I've also stuffed it into roulades in the past.

          1. wonderful suggestions so far. you can also toss either of them into a frittata.

            the Red Giant works in any recipe for mustard greens or chard, and if you have some really large leaves you can even blanch and use them as "wrappers" for any type of veggie-, grain-, or meat-based stuffing...just Google "chard rolls" or "stuffed chard" for recipes.