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Jul 15, 2011 11:14 AM

Seaside Park Help

I'll be in Seaside Park for two nights and would like to eat well. We do have two kids, but they're usually good. Any recent reports from Atlantic B & G? I was hoping to eat there one night and somewhere else the other. Bistro 44 is under consideration, but I'd love any other rec's for dinner and lunch. I also remember a great bakery and a really good sub/pizza place close to IBSP, but can't remember names.

Bistro 44
44 Washington St Ste 2C, Toms River, NJ 08753

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  1. Wonderful dinner at ABG about a month ago. Food was outstanding, service was very good.

    1. Mediocre dinner about a month ago. I felt the food had come down a level since the change in chefs. Offerings sounded inspired, but seemed a bit flat on the plate and palate. Service was adequate.

      If the nights are weekend nights, be prepared for a wait; I don't believe AB&G takes reservations for a group of 4.

      Atlantic Bar & Grill
      24th Ave and Central Ave, South Seaside Park, NJ 08752

      1. Ebby's has good sandwiches, subs, etc and is just outside IBSP. Skip Atlantic Bar and Grill, though. Very overpriced with mediocre food.

        I suggest heading to Serenity Cafe in Toms River instead.

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          thanks. is serenity cafe the best option in Toms River

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              Il Giardinello is a good call too. One of my favorite restaurants.

        2. Thanks for the rec's. Here's a recap of our two nights in Seaside Park.

          Ebby's - After a long drive and an amazing amount of police presence, we decided to eat close and walked in on a saturday night. We were seated in fifteen minutes and had a nice meal with pleasant service. Started with clams and calamari, both of which I can recommend. The clams were fantastic, served with white beans and spinach in a garlic and butter infused broth. Mains were decent, but in hindsight we should have ordered a few more app's as they are routinely more interesting and less gigantic. I had veal chop milanese, which was cooked nicely but underseasoned and in need of some good balsamic drizzle. My wife had gnocchi, which were homemade and set in a tasty red sauce. We took a cannoli to go for dessert. All in all, a good experience with above average food.

          Park Bakery - Nothing like a good bakery on a sunday morning. Good doughnuts, great crumb cake, great cream puffs, and a nice loaf of Italian bread that held up for five days. A must stop if you are in the area.

          Maruca's - Very good pizza. We ordered a sausage pie and it hit the spot. Nothing fancy, just a perfectly cooked thin crust pizza that is so much better than anything where I live (NC).

          Atlantic Bar & Grill - After reading some spotty reviews, I was hesitant to eat here. The memory of our meal three years ago was enough impetus to revisit ABG, and I'm glad we did. Service was quick and friendly, and very aware of the fact we had children with us. Interesting cocktail list, less interesting wine list but at least they have a liquor license. 5 of 6 dishes ordered were great, as was the butter and bread. Crab soup, corn soup, clams and sausage, pork belly (beautiful dish), and scallops were all excellent. The one miss was an overcooked pork chop set up with barbecue sauce and sides. While not a cheap meal, I think the prices are fair for the ingredients, level of cooking and location. I would recommend making a meal out of small plates, as two or three a person is equal to one main.

          Zeppoli - I can't remember the name of the boardwalk place I got the worst zeppoli's of my life. I had walked back to the car by the time I realized how bad they were. The place had a green awning and was between the two piers in SH, closer to the Casino Pier. After I ordered them, I saw a girl pull them out of a bread warmer of sorts. I had to tear with my hands and teeth to get a piece of dough off. Tougher than leather and amazingly disappointing. After explaining the superiority of the zeppoli over funnel cake to my wife (who had never seen a zeppoli), this was embarrassing.

          With the exception of the zeppoli, a fun trip with very good food. Thanks

          Atlantic Bar & Grill
          24th Ave and Central Ave, South Seaside Park, NJ 08752