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Jul 15, 2011 10:43 AM

Single malt whiskey (Scotch), best Boston Cambridge sources for?

Our scotch maven friend suggests the new whiskey store in the mall OPPOSITE Whole paycheck, that is on the Trader Joes side of Alewife/Freshpond parkway.

We are looking for a
Highland Park
Macallan 12 year old.

and cannot wait to get it on web.


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  1. I like Charles Street Liquors. because they will special order bottles w/no additional cost. And their prices and selection are comparable to other places.

    1. I think that store is Sav-Mor, as I recall. They are pretty good, with an eclectic selection, particularly if you look up high. Discount liquors by Whole Foods also has a good selection. Also worth visiting is the liquor store in Porter Square. Depending upon who is working, the clerk may be very knowledgeable.

      For single malts, you might visit Atlas Liquors. I go to the one by I-93 in Medford. They have a very good selection of scotches. They are weak in some areas (amari and vermouth for example), but very strong in scotch. I think they are good for brandy, too.

      The three scotches you mentioned should not be hard to find, I'd think.

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      You might also try Marty's in Newton. They are very good in most areas, including scotch.

      1. The best source in Boston for single malt scotch is Federal Wine and Spirits, particularly if you're looking for something less standard, more interesting, independent, etc. Ask to speak to Joe. Any decent liquor store would carry standard bottlings of Talisker, HP, and Macallan, though.

        1. Thanks all. Choice was Highland Park, based on consensus of views here in past year: only one without a mark against it in its price category, and it was a great success. Purchased at Save-mor for IIRC c. 45.00.

          1. The scotches you mention are pretty easy to find stuff. Nothing to hard to find there.

            The one right next to Whole Foods has a FAR better collection then the one near TJs. Also, Martignetti's, Marty's in particular, and Gordon's in Waltham.