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Jul 15, 2011 09:55 AM

Seattle Chinese

hi all. The owner of my company is visiting for a week from mainland China (near Shanghai). He is very, lets say 'set in his ways' and only eats Chinese food. He is staying with a family on the eastside and they will take care of most of his meals but I would like to host him at least once for dinner and probably lunches in Seattle. Any recommendations? Please help I really want to make a good impression. Thx.

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  1. I suggest Seven Stars Szechuan for their dungeness crab. The atmosphere is lacking, but the food is excellent including their homemade noodle dishes.

    1. The most "authentic" Chinese in Seattle area is probably Din Tai Fung in Bellevue -- I say authentic, because it is almost identical to the Din Tai Fung in Xin Tian Di in Shanghai. Other than that, when I have Chinese co-workers in town they always want the crab at 7 Stars Pepper, although it's maybe downmarket for taking the owner of your company...

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        Foodwise, that's probably the best option - the Shanghainese have pretty conservative tastes & Chinese food is quite regional. The food at Din Tai Fung will definitely suit Shanghainese tastes.

        In Singapore, I once brought a visiting Shanghainese colleague to the best Cantonese restaurant in Singapore, but he didn't really like/enjoy the food there. Then, one day, I brought him to Din Tai Fung (which was relatively "casual" & bistro-like) but he absolutely LOVED the xiao long bao and la mian - said the dishes tasted exactly like what he has back in Shanghai :-D

      2. I think O'Asian might be a good choice for this person.

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          O'Asian is a nice atmosphere, but it is Cantonese and subpar Cantonese as it is, mainly focusing in on the business lunch dimsum crowd. If OP's boss is set in Northern Chinese, then I'd also second the Din Tai Fung or Shanghai Garden. Taiwanese I'd go Facing East. Bamboo Garden for a Sichuan Cuisine with a decent interior.

          Bamboo Garden
          202 106th Pl NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

          Shanghai Garden Restaurant
          80 Front St N, Issaquah, WA 98027

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            Oh no - not Panda Express - that won't leave a good impression on a Shanghainese boss!

          2. Your best bet for someone from Shanghai "set in their ways" is DTF and maybe Facing East (which actually contains a noticeable streak of Cantonese influence).

            I've taken many Chinese friends, family, and colleagues to restaurants around Seattle. I do all I can to avoid taking them to Chinese restaurants. It's just the quality here is quite embarrassingly low overall - it's quite obvious when they first dig into their first dishes. Even our DTF is pretty bad in comparison - even the LA one is noticeably better.

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              I'm surprised to read this...our DTF is definitely not as good as those I've been to in China and Taiwan, but I thought it was much better than the branch in LA (admittedly, based on a single visit to each). Maybe it's uneven.

              1. re: pusherman

                I've been to both branches several times, but admittedly during their first months of opening. So I've noted a huge variability and inconsistency of quality even within the same week in the same restaurant. The Bellevue one seems to have widely different levels of moisture in the skin of the dumplings on each subsequent visit, whereas the LA one never seemed to have that problem and remained consistent in their workmanship after a short period of time - Bellevue, IMO, has yet to achieve this level of quality and consistency on every single visit. LA does have a much larger mainland Chinese and Taiwanese population, which would have kicked them to the curb very quickly if they did not shape up their act. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the LA store is run by the original family, and the Bellevue store is their first outside-of-family franchise in the US.