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Jul 15, 2011 09:28 AM

Arriving late night at PHL, where to eat?

Can you help an out of towner out? I arrive in Philadelphia at 10pm on my way to Vineland, NJ and I'll be plenty hungry. I guess I'll be crossing the Walt Whitman Bridge into New Jersey. Do you know of a good place to eat that late along the way? No fast food please. Thank you in advance!

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  1. I think we need more info - we won't send you to McDonald's but what is "fast food" to you? We have a big Gastropub scene here which would probably yield some good options but is a bar with great food in the realm of what you are looking for?

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      In addition, and for what it's worth, there's not a whole lot between the airport and the Walt Whitman bridge but a few miles of I-95 and some heavy industry - do you want to drive into town or are you hoping to stop along the way to Jersey?

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        Thanks and sorry to both you and bigley but I'd rather not drive into town but save that for another day. For now I'd go with Tony Lukes or Chickies and Petes unless you know of a place to stop on the drive to Vineland

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          You can take 291 East into Philly which will take you right to the Penrose Diner. Nothing spectacular, but solid diner food. You won't be going too far into Philly and you will be right near an entrance to I-76 which will take you to the Walt Whitman Bridge.

          I doubt you'd be going more than a mile or two out of your way from the bridge and it is not dense, city traffic in that area (unless there happens to be a Phillies game letting out on the night you are coming in, but you would hit that traffic on the bridge anyway).

    2. Tony Luke's is directly underneath 95 at the base of the Walt Whitman bridge, it's pretty easy to get off 95, get a roast pork sandwich with rabe and provolone, then cross the bridge into NJ. It's not fast food, it's good food... quickly.

      If you want to sit down somewhere, I'd recommend taking the Platt bridge into South Philly, heading north on Broad and going to the South Philly Tap Room, or going a little further up Broad to East Passyunk and eating at the bar at Le Virtu (depending on what day this is). If that's too far out of the way, Chickie's and Pete's is also convenient to the bridge.

      1. For a quick sandwich with easy parking/access you should try Shanks Pier 40 (Del ave/Christian). Its just past the WW Bridge right off 95N, but you can take the BF Bridge instead to 676.The Chicken Italiano (Pan seared chicken with sharp prov and broc rab) is excellent. They are usually open till after 11.

        1. I think your best bet is Chickie and Pete's (snow crab legs highly recommended). Tony Luke's would be fine too. If you're heading to Vineland on Rt. 55 Carolina Blue is just off the highway in Pitman (kitchen closes at 11 PM though, 12AM weekends I think, please check). Good food (at least during normal dining hours). Cap'n Cat's Clam Bar is off Rt. 55 in Franklinville. Strictly shellfish. Shrimp. I've never been. Recommended by friends whose recommendation I'd be reluctant to pass on without checking out firsthand though.