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Jul 15, 2011 08:52 AM

Chazz in Baltimore: Possibly the strangest "theme" restaurant ever

Was Baltimore clamoring for a Chazz Palminteri-themed restaurant that has A Bronx Tale playing on a loop on a big TV and framed photos on the character actor hanging in the john? It's a question for the ages. Still, much of the food I tasted was pretty good. Plus having decent Italian food anywhere near Little Italy isn't a bad thing. Still, just can't get over how odd the whole concept is!

Here's the Urbanite piece on it:

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  1. Here's a little background on the genesis of this bizarre venture:

    1. Interesting. I've been curious about it, but haven't tried it because most of the ratings I've seen haven't been good.

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        I have been twice and we have done sort of a tapas style eating and sharing. The first time was better but I wouldn't hesistate to return. The good: mozzarella bar but spring for the burrata, salumi-if you haven't had finocchiona before get it so flavorful, veal meatball was good but not as good as it had been hyped up to be. Arancini were a waste, don't bother, bland and I didn't like the texture. Mussels were well liked by the table. Pork Milanese panini is delicious if the cook it right, probably one of the best things. Had a few of the pastas and no complaints. Prefered bolognese over the rest and the gnocchi In cream with sausage is too rich for one person. Have not eaten the entrees because we get the veal Milanese at Aldos. Pizzas are very good, hard to choose a favorite.

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            We went back some time between the OP and today and had bar snacks and drinks. The food and drinks were top notch but the service by the bartender was rude to the point of being shocking. I posted about it a while ago. I might return at some point but it was a big turn-off.