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Jul 15, 2011 07:42 AM

The Bowery new to Colbourne Lane?

Has anyone been?

Any comments?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Chris Nuttall Smith tweeted this last week:

      "I'm trying to think of a worse meal than the one I had at The Bowery the other night. Oh, right, the one I had at The Ballroom."

      Looks beautiful in there, hopefully it's worth a visit.

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      1. I was there last week and it was fantastic! Friendly, unpretentious service, lovely atmosphere and surprisingly great food.
        We had the beet salad with bacon, octopus (which I didn't even want to try and turned out it was my favourite thing on the menu), pizza and lamb. All of it was really tasty. Oh...and the bread and homemade butter - so good! Prices are a little high for what you get, but more or less in line with other restos in that area.
        Give it a'll be glad you did.

        1. Ate there with some people from work a week or two ago for lunch and I have to say, I wasn't impressed. The octopus appetizer was pretty good, but the others (which I believe included the lamb and a charcuterie platter that was part of the "stuff with stuff" appetizer) were somewhat forgettable (and included an almost inedibly tough piece of beef jerky from south africa).

          My pizza main was not good. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the Librettos of the city, but I was really disappointed with the pizza. I can make far better at home, and I'm not a chef by any means. Feelings around the table ranged from 'meh' to 'okay' for the various orders, but at the prices they charge I wouldn't go back. It was also empty when we went (literally...I believe we were the only table there for the whole time), and the service was slow (although enthusiastic).

          I was really prepared to like this place, but unfortunately didn't.