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Jul 15, 2011 07:39 AM

Needed: Quintessential LA

Leaving in a week to visit LA with two girlfriends. We're all southern and have limited knowledge of the LA area. We're for sure hittting In N Out and Pink's. We have reservations at STK. What are some "very LA" places we should be sure not to miss? Thanks!

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  1. a) greater L.A. is massive, and traffic-wise, can be daunting; will you have a car, and if so, are you willing to navigate the freeways; and if not, venture on public transportation?

    b) car or no car, what general area are you staying? This will likely determine both recommedations and your subsequent choices.

    c) In n Out and Pinks are burgers and dogs -- do you aspire toward anything more challenging, be it ethnic specialties (asian, mexican, middle eastern, etc.) or classics (Langers, Phillipes, etc.). Any restrictions, things y'all won't eat?

    d) budget or spendy?

    Just some things to consider, if you want useful responses. Good luck...

    1. Despite some controversial omissions and inclusions (and restaurants that are now out of business, despite the list having been published in Nov 2010), this is a fine place to start.

      Oh, and your question comes up quite frequently, so I recommend doing your due diligence on the LA chowhound board to flesh out this list.

      Welcome to LA!

      Mr Taster

      1. Here is a place to start, Eater LA's July 2011 38 essential restaurants: (this is a good list)

        Welcome to LA. and some good eating.

        1. These threads may help:

          "What/where can I eat that is unique to the LA area?" (31 replies):

          "unique only in LA regional specialty" (86 replies):

          They're more about foods than places, but may still be helpful.

          1. On your visit, I highly recommend you try at least one place specializing in south-of-the-border food, be it a sit-down Mexican restaurant, a taco stand, pupusas, etc. As others have mentioned, which specific restaurants/stands you go to will depend on where you are staying, how much money you want to spend, etc.