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Fresh shiitake mushrooms in YYC?

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Anyone know where to pick some up? I can't recall seeing them at Superstore. Would T & T have some?

Thanks very much!

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  1. I bought a package at Superstore on MacLeod Trail South last weekend. I bet they would be cheaper at T&T.

    1. Midtown Co-op usually has 'em along with oyster and the other more common types.

      1. I have bought fresh shiitakes from T&T. Very reasonable priced, don't remember exact cost. They are sold in pre-packaged clear plastic produce bags.

        I think I've seen them at Lambda and Tops from time to time as well, but have never bought them there.

        1. Yes , seen them safeway, t and t , costco.

          1. There is a Korean grocery store right next to Olive Chicken, which is located in the Beltline district - 1324 10 Ave SW Calgary,. I don't know the actual name of the grocery store, but it's the only one in the shopping centre. Cheap prices.

            1. Thanks for all the responses. I ended getting them at the NW Superstore (must have been blind not to have noticed them before). Pretty expensive: @$3/2.5 oz. Next time I'll pursue one of the more cost-effective options.

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              1. I bought some amazing ones at Souto Farms in the Calgary Farmer's Market this weekend. He had oyster, portabella, cremini, and button mushrooms, too. As a side note, he has the best cherries ANYWHERE! I think the shiitakes were $12/lb, but don't remember exactly. . .

                1. I just bought a bunch of Shiitakes at T&T. The containers is twice the size the one you would get at Coop or Safeway and they were $2.99. I also got some nice King mushrooms and oysters as well. But, yes I agree the Souto farms mushrooms are AMAZING and fresh.