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Jul 15, 2011 07:13 AM

Pelican Catering, Oshawa - Any Reviews?

I'm trying to find some reviews on this caterer but all that is coming up is one comment in a thread saying that they were good. I would just like some more information/more reviews from others who have tried their food.

They are the exclusive caterer at Parkwood Estates in Oshawa (a venue we're considering for our wedding) and as nice as the venue is I really don't want to be disappointed with the food. I am not looking for anything out of this world, best dinner I've ever had but would just like a little bit more than typical wedding food.

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  1. Hi,

    In your research did you find out any info on Pelican? Did you end up using them? I am also considering that venue


    1. Hi,
      Just finished a wedding with Pelican and I would rate it a 2 out of 5. At the start heard how they were good but after going through dealing with 4 different co-ordinators in a 5 month period I started to wonder. Each time I had to initiate a phone call to them to see how things were going to be done (outdoor BBQ at a non kitchen venue). Each time was assured that everything was under control. One week before the wedding date insisted that I needed to know certain information. Upon receiving their invoice found it to be all wrong. Too many tables, too many skirts,etc.. Had to phone them back and actually talked to the owner Kumar who is also the head chef to straighten things out.
      Here's a list of what went wrong other than the order.
      1) told they could set up on the Friday in the hall - no - cost an extra $160.00 to have it set up.
      2) Where to arrive at 2-2:30 - showed up later and were just setting up tents at 4.
      3) Punch was to be served before the wedding at 4 but Pelican had to reminded to get it set up after 5pm.
      4) Bartender was in no way set up for service at 6 pm.
      5) Late night buffet - was served in the dark. People had to use their cell phones to see what was on the table. Pelican admitted it was an oversight but too bad.
      6) Coffee station was situated also in the dark far from the late night buffet. Pelican - Too bad
      7) Clean up - Pelican left the servers to clean up the mess in the dark. Garbage bag was left in the middle of the driveway but upon mentioning this to Pelican no response.
      8) no late night dessert was served - paid for but not there. He said ,she said. It was an invisible dessert only seen by Pelican
      9) specifically told them that there were a few celiac people and nothing was done to provide a dessert for them other than maybe fruit.
      9) Pelican admitted there was not enough servers to do the job but were stretched to the limit - 5 events that night.
      10) help with the clean up and taking down of tents - Pelican said that was our problem - so much for being nice.
      The thing that saved the day was the good company, what food was served was good, and the servers who had to put up with all of Pelican's deficiencies.
      Asked for a rebate of some kind but because you have to pay up front - no way. Wasn't asking for much just a nominal amount of any kind. This reassured me that they do not act in good faith.
      Seeing how they operate on this event, I now know why they can not keep staff.
      Would I use them again - no

      1. I have used Pelican Caterers twice for our daughters weddings, and everything was wonderful! The food was very good, the staff was excellent! I have had no trouble at all, but that was over 10 years ago. I do not know if the owners are the same, but I have booked an outdoor Event with them, this month and I expect they will not disappoint. I am dealing with Jill, the event co-ordinator, and she seems to be on top of everything. She has kept in contact with me, via email, and I feel very confident with her handling our event.
        I will let you know how it goes, after.

        1. Pelican Catering? They have big bills.