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Jul 15, 2011 06:50 AM

Jordan's Lobster Dock? Worth the trek?

Anyone ever been to Jordan's Lobster Dock in Brooklyn? Is it worth the schlepp out to Sheepshead Bay? I read about it in Time Out last year and the promise of water-side $16 lobster rolls made me curious.

Jordan's Lobster Dock
3165 Harkness Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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  1. Don't be deceived, they are not really waterside, although it sure looks like it on the map. They have no frontage and there are just a few outside tables that face a parking lot, and a few inside tables. That said, its an ok lobster roll if you are in the area (we go sometimes if we hit the movies at Sheepshead Bay...) but its not worth a special trip. Basically they give you plain lobster on a hotdog bun with a packet of mayo and lemon you can add yourself. Unless its changed--I haven't been there in over a year.

    1. Jinx is absolutely accurate ..Not worth the trip