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When Pigs Fly Pizzeria In Kittery-- any thoughts?

I'm eager to know if any hounds have tried the new pizzeria. The reviews on TripAdvisor are mostly positive, but I've learned to take TA reviews -- both positive and negative with a grain of salt.. Unfortunately, their menu is not available on their website.


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  1. Very disappointing! Pizza was dry, toppings were meager. No bread for the table, which I thought odd, considering it's a bakery. And apparently they didn't receive their salt and pepper shakers, since I had to ask for the salt, then the server took it and gave it to someone else.
    I will say the short rib app was excellent, and I will give it another shot, but, all in all, a big disappointment.

    1. It's wonderful. Truly. I've already eaten there twice.

      1. The chef is Ben Hasty. Equipment purchased is the best available. Not gone yet, but expect it to be stellar.

        1. Thanks for the replies. We're eager to try it! Will report back when we do.

          1. I'm eager to try the restaurant as well. I would feast on their bread for breakfast lunch and dinner, all courses if permitted. Turning the bread into pizza sounds like the next best thing.

            1. Just went twice in the last week. In a word- stupendous! Best dishes- tuna crudo, mussels, risotto, any pizza. Only one issue-one pizza was slightly underdone. Incredible beer selection.

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                Thanks for the update. We had hoped to get there before now. Maybe this weekend...

              2. Well ... I must say, the bathrooms (women's) had the neatest sinks I've ever seen. The were attached to the wall with little mini I-beams that held up cement blocks into which were set glass tiles in a sort of 'eyebrow'-shaped curve. I wouldn't want to clean that zero-radius myself, but hey -- for industrial-cheapo it was really nice. And the stalls definitely gave a taste of prison for those of us curious about the experience out here.

                Food? I was surprisingly underwhelmed. I say surprisingly because I personally absolutely adore their bread. I would consider this, and in fact treat their bakery, as a destination in and of itself. I have and do go to great lengths to acquire their bread. So I presumed the pizza would be similarly spectacular. IMO: nope. The dough they use was actually, IMO, too tough. And underneath the fillings it was thin and/or just plain too soggy. Maybe the ovens aren't hot enough? But what happened was, there were some sort of interesting, if trendy, toppings atop goey, actually even somewhat tasteless "bread" -- it was so soggy you couldn't even pick up the pizza; this is strictly a knife and fork meal. But even once you got to the bread rind it wasn't even all that good -- not bad, but considering I can and do eat an entire loaf of their perfect-crumb bread regularly, how is it that this pizza dough is so uninspiring? I was so surprised!

                They still haven't gotten in their salt shakers, which is OK as far as I'm concerned; I'd rather have bland food and taste what little there is to taste. What we tasted was a lamb pizza, a broccolini and a artichoke one. The artichoke, I thought, was the most flavorful. Others in my party disagreed. The broccolini had a lot of cheese - it was tasty, and obviously of good quality. Again, IMO completely marred by the essential absence of anything but soggy flour underneath. yuck. The lamb was, at least, not greasy. And surprisingly unflavorful. I didn't not like it, just wasn't very thrilled about it. I imagine it was fancy and/or local. I think it could have been better-highlighted in a different "setting", is my only real point. On top of the problematic pizza dough I think what must have been a pretty special piece of meat was just kind of lost.

                I must say the service was perfect. We arrived at what must have been the end of a slam-packed lunchtime in the rain. I had no idea this is essentially an extension of the Kittery outlet-madness. There were actually *tour busses* there. This is the Maine analog of a mall pizzeria. And in comparison with that, it's really excellent. It's just in comparison with a bakery that puts out that unbelievably scrumptious bread, that this place comes up way short. Or in comparison with a local slow-food carefully-prepared gourmanderie, well, IMO it's short on that stick too.

                I went out of my way to make space for this place, but I won't do so again. I will for the bakery -- that bread pudding they make is worth traveling, IMO, about 3-400 miles for! Not to mention the potato bread and harvest bread and the cranberry bread and the spinach and on and on ... I would just be the happiest clam on the block locked in their bread factory for a whole night. But IMO, the pizza place was just a mix of tourist-slammed and trendoidal-thoughlessness. Not worth travelling out of one's way for. In fact, if in Kittery again I probably wouldn't even go there for lunch again; dunno. It was fast-enough, just not very cheap -- a real damper in putting up with crowds, IMO. Maybe in November.... but that industrial-scape is hardly warm and friendly. I bet that will not be a very welcoming place come cold weather.

                1. I live in the Kittery area so I have had the opportunity to go to this new restaurant at least 6 times since they opened the end of June. I went today for lunch. The improvement from what they were serving in June and what they serve now is 100%. We had a wonderful lunch. We started with the short ribs which we are told are slow roasted for 36 hours. Excellent! We then had the Farmer's Market Risotto. Again, excellent. Our pizza of choice was meatball. We had no complaints at all. The waitress was very nice. She was timely and attentive. We have had at least 1/2 or more of the things on the menu and the food gets better and better everytime we go. I hope the locals can support this new restaurant after the tourists go home. Any new place deserves a second and third chance till things get worked out. I hope any locals that tried it in the beginning and did not like it, will go back and give it another chance. So many rumors are going around that are not true. Someone told me recently that they heard the lasagna was awful. Well....they have never even served that here!! So, please try this place out before you make a judgment and don't believe everything you hear! It is definitely our family's new favorite place to eat at in the area.

                  1. Tried this place a few weeks ago and thought the pizza was very good, although I would say that it can't handle a lot of toppings. The crust could have used a little salt; the bottom crust was nicely charred but it was still floppy. The housemade sausage on top was nice with a bit of a spicy kick to it. As mentioned, the short rib appetizer was very yummy -- lots of flavor. All in all, I would return.

                    1. I have been twice and been mildly disappointed both times. On the plus side, the beer selection is very good, i'd say best draft selection in the area. But as far as the pizza is concerned I have multiple complaints. First off, not enough salt in the dough, it is very bland. Both visits the pizza has been undercooked, with no char and a slight gummy/rawness. I wonder what temperature they are keeping those ovens at, and possibly they are just pulling them out of the oven too fast to keep up with the high volume of customers. Lastly some odd seasoning choices, like big pinches of dried oregano on my margherita. All in all, with some tweaks it could be so much better and has potential to the be the best in this pizza wasteland that is Southern Maine.

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                        Now that you bring up the oregano, I remember that we also had an issue with it. If we went again, we'd have them leave it off (seemed like it was sprinkled on vs. in the sauce).

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                          This place received the Platinum Plate from TV Diner...not sure what that means in reality. Sprinkling oregano on pizza is a Greek "thing"...I can attest to that being of Greek heritage. Can be a bit overwhelming!

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                            Yeah just saw that TV Diner review tonight. From the highlights I'm now hungry. I live much closer to the Freeport location. Is that location good? I know it can't be what this new place is as it's fairly small I think.

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                              The Freeport location sells just their bread.

                              I've gone twice and enjoyed the pizza both times. I even like the bathrooms. The room is loud, with high ceilings, so there's a flaw, but overall I think the space is nice. I cannot comment of the dried oregano, I never noticed it, but the pizza could do with a bit more salt. Overall, I would highly recommend this place to anyone. By far the best pizza in the area. AJ's tastes like frozen pizza--there's no comparison-- and Flatbread is overpriced now.