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Jul 15, 2011 05:30 AM

When Pigs Fly Pizzeria In Kittery-- any thoughts?

I'm eager to know if any hounds have tried the new pizzeria. The reviews on TripAdvisor are mostly positive, but I've learned to take TA reviews -- both positive and negative with a grain of salt.. Unfortunately, their menu is not available on their website.


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  1. Very disappointing! Pizza was dry, toppings were meager. No bread for the table, which I thought odd, considering it's a bakery. And apparently they didn't receive their salt and pepper shakers, since I had to ask for the salt, then the server took it and gave it to someone else.
    I will say the short rib app was excellent, and I will give it another shot, but, all in all, a big disappointment.

    1. It's wonderful. Truly. I've already eaten there twice.

      1. The chef is Ben Hasty. Equipment purchased is the best available. Not gone yet, but expect it to be stellar.

        1. Thanks for the replies. We're eager to try it! Will report back when we do.

          1. I'm eager to try the restaurant as well. I would feast on their bread for breakfast lunch and dinner, all courses if permitted. Turning the bread into pizza sounds like the next best thing.