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Jul 14, 2011 08:37 PM

Quick restaurant near Mpls./St. Paul airport

I will be meeting a girlfriend for a two hour layover tomorrow. Is there a nearby restaurant or coffee shop that we can head to for a late lunch? I was trying to avoid the craziness of MOA. Do you have suggestions?

Thank you!

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  1. 2 hours isn't a very long layover-I'd stay at the airport. Here's a (relatively) recent thread on eats at MSP:

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    1. re: Josie

      It sounds like at least one person in the meet-up may not have a plane ticket; most of the places named in that thread lie on the gate side of the security barrier.

      There is at least one restaurant inside Lindbergh/Terminal 1 but outside security. I'm afraid it's a Ruby Tuesday's or something similar. There is also a Starbucks down in baggage claim. Josie's right that two hours is not a lot of time to deplane, leave, eat, go back through security and make it to the next gate. Those might be your best bets.

      If you do decide to leave the airport via car, consider making the return drop-off as close as possible to the security check that leads from the parking garage to Concourse G. Only carry-on luggage is accommodated, but the line is short and moves pretty quickly. The tram whisks passengers to the other concourses.

      1. re: KTFoley

        The restaurant outside security is Houlihan's. Not that that's necessarily any better or worse than Ruby Tuesday's. :o)

    2. Dare I say Ikea, not for quality mind you. There is a caribou on west 7th just north of could always bring lunch to the airport and eat it in baggage claim :) Ford parkway in St. Paul is close by and has some quick options...

      1. Karis, where did you go yesterday, and how did it work out?

        1. We went to Houlihans in airport and it worked great. Thanks!