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Jul 14, 2011 07:15 PM

Davila's Barbecue in Seguin Texas [ 1959 ]

I'm in research mode for my new series " Central Texas Hot Guts Project".

This has meant lots of research pertaining to where the best hot guts within 90 or so miles of Austin are being stuffed and smoked.

When I read that Davila's in Seguin opened in 1959 and they make their own sausages I began plotting my visit.


No point wasting a lot of verbiage but these are some fine links.

I've been eating mammoth amounts of hot guts for this project and these are Lockhart calibre sausages.

Original location
418 W Kingsbury St
Seguin, TX 78155
(830) 379-5566

New/modern location

380 N Highway 123 Byp
Seguin, TX 78155
(830) 303-7678

Davila's Bar-B-Q
418 W Kingsbury St, Seguin, TX 78155

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  1. Hey, that's funny you mentioned this place.I was thinking of going out to Seguin and maybe going to the library there and just walk around downtown.Never eaten at Davila's, and we moved back to this area out near Randolph AFB back in 1971. Now I'll have to try them maybe Saturday. Still want to try Gonzales Market on W.W.White Road, the original one is still going strong in Gonzales.