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Jul 14, 2011 07:08 PM

Looking for good cafes/restaurants for breakfast in Rome

Hi all-newbie here. We were on a cruise last summer and had spent one day in Rome. We really enjoyed it and are planning to go back next summer. I have been able to find many reviews on good Rome restaurants, but have not seen many reviews mentioning about good cafes or restaurants for breakfasts. We plan to rent an apartment right at Campo de Fiori area and probably will buy good to eat at the apartment, although we always enjoy drinking coffee and eating breakfasts at a local cafe whenever we travel.. Any recommendations? We hope to find some places that are not too far from Campo de Fiori since we have a 9 years old with us. Thank you!

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  1. With a 9 year old in tow, your pickings are slim. I rented an apt off the Campo and found little open to suit your needs for breakfast. There is a local cafe down the street from Roscioli Bakery (not the gourmet deli/restaurant), on the corner opposite the small chain supermarket and a ratty hotel. The quality is so so but you can sit, have coffee, juice and non-fried items.

    A short but pleasant walk from the Campo will take you to the cafe in front of the Farenese. That piazza is lovely to look at early in the morning, offers seating inside and out, there is a selection of pastries, chopped fruit, coffee and juices your family would find appealing. The view of the Farnese and activity in the piazza is terrific, especially as you get your bearings for the day. B/c of the real estate, the prices charged are expensive. Then, head back to the Campo to browse the morning market and t-shirt stalls.

    Via dei Giubbonari 21/23, Rome, Lazio 00186, IT

    1. There is no culture in Italy of breakfast type restaurants serving eggs, cereals,or other cooked breakfasts. There are coffee bars where you can obtain coffee,juice and pastries. If you have an apartment, you can easily pick up the supplies (including fresh breads and pastries in the morning) to prepare the breakfast of your choice for your family, if the italian breakfast options dont suffice. You will be able to find plenty of snack options for your child, from tramezzini and gelato to fruits and slices of focaccia at the the two bakeries in the Campo.

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        Thank you for the responses. A good cup of coffee or juice with pastries is good enough for us. I do not expect to have a huge breakfast at all. but I do want to get a good cup of coffee in the morning :-)

      2. I love going out for breakfast in Rome! But the one thing you have to remember is that it's not going to be like an American breakfast. Which I'm sure you've realized already.
        Near Campo I like:
        Bar Peru, Via di Monserrato 46. Very much a neighborhood bar, but since it's never been restored I love the atmosphere. It has a room in the back where you can settle in, read your paper and order a second cup of cappuccino. (a favorite of high school kids from Virgilio down the street)
        Bar Farnese, Via dei Baullari 20. Not to be confused with the bar of the same name on Piazza Farnese (which is very expensive) this hole in the wall is mostly for locals. They don't have many tables, but they do have a few outside and in. One of the all time most friendly bar owners in Rome makes this one of my favorites.
        Il Latteria di Vicolo del Gallo, Vicolo del Gallo 4. This place is fantastic, looks like time stopped about 1952. Dimly lit, marble topped tables and coffee served in glasses instead of cups. Fresh pastries arrive every morning.
        There are a few other places I love, but they aren't near you. For instance Lotti on Via Sardegna (near Via Veneto) old fashioned pastry shop, but also does eggs and juice! Sweety Rome on Via Milano, American style pastry shop.
        Have a great trip!

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          Thank you so much for the advice. I have copied and pasted onto my Tripit plan. Will definitely go and try them out :-)

        2. Caffe Farnese has its charm. Breakfast for me is a coffee, a pastry and the FT. I sit outside and watch people/dogs/tourists/other. Maybe the best morning vantage point in all of Rome. I highly recommend it.