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Jul 14, 2011 06:17 PM

I need NYC help please

In September (21 to be exact) my husband and I will travel to NYC to show our support for Israel, We will get off the bus at 7th Ave and 28th Street and somehow winding up at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, (right by the UN)
We really don't "know" NYC and havent been there is a few years. I was hoping for a few suggestions for food. Maybe a place for a muffin or bagel when we get off the bus. We will have aprox 1 1/2 hours to get from the bus to the rally and through security. Then afterwards we'd like some lunch. We are pretty open about lunch - mayybe not pizza and maybe Indian (is that meat Indian place witht the lunch buffets even an option?) We may stay in the city till evening, we are not sure what we will be doing after the rally but I know we want to eat. A great dinning option may help determin what else we do that day.

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  1. There are definitely a number of kosher places a bit north of 28th (north=higher number streets), in the 37th St. & Broadway area. Broadway crosses 7 Av. right around there, so it's not too far. I'm not in that neighborhood much these days, but there's definitely Mr. Broadway, J2 (pizza, etc), and probably another few places, where you will be able to find something light. would give you some better idea, I'm sure.

    As for lunch/dinner at the Indian places later on, Dakshin is farther east while Shalom Bombay is more midtown. The UN is pretty far east, like Dakshin, but Dakshin is up by 63rd. On the other hand, Shalom Bombay is between 39 & 40, on Lexington, which is almost parallel to the UN, which is on 42nd. For someone unfamiliar with NY, I'm not sure how much this means, except that that part of Manhattan is very grid-based, so I hope it's somewhat clear. If you plot it out on a map, you can see which would be more convenient for you. There are dozens of other places, of course, so you will have to decide where you want to be and what kind of food you would want.

    In reading this back to myself, I'm not sure how confusing it sounds to a non-NYer, so I hope it helps and doesn't confuse you more.

    1. When you get off the Megabus, cross 7th Ave and take the 1 train uptown to Times Square, and change to a 7 to Grand Central. From there it's about a 10 minute walk to 1st Ave and 47th St, or you could take a bus on 42nd St to 1st Ave and then it's just a 5 minute walk to 47th St. On the way, you can either grab a bite at Mendy's in the food court at Grand Central, or else try Green Olive at 2nd Ave & 45th St (its current hechsher is not good, but it just announced that it's switching to the OK).

      After the demo, you can get a bus straight up 1st Ave to 64th St and Dakshin, or else take a 15-minute walk to Shalom Bombay on Lex between 40 and 39 (if you're too tired to walk all the way you could walk down to 42nd St, take the bus to Lex, and then walk from there). Or if you feel like Bukharan food instead of Indian, you could take the M50 bus on 1st Ave and 48th St, get off at 6th Ave, and go to Taam Tov, which is on 47th St between 5th and 6th Aves.

      To make your way back to the Megabus, from Dakshin walk up 1st Ave to 67th St, and take the M66 bus through Central Park to 9th Ave, then take the M11 bus down 9th to your destination at 32nd St. From Shalom Bombay, walk down Lex to 34th St, take the M34to 9th Ave and you're there. From Taam Tov you may want to just walk to 9th Ave and then take the M11. Either way remember that you are not boarding at the same place where you got off!

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        Thank you so very much!!!! This will work well! Now I jusr wish we didn't need to catch a train before 6 am to get to the bus. That is way too early for us.

        1. re: Prettypoodle

          I forgot to mention that, depending on what time your bus back home is, may well be parked outside B&H, which is across the street from the Megabus departure area. Again, remember that Megabus in NYC has its departures and arrivals in completely different places.

          1. re: zsero

            Thanks for the tips.The truck looks good:) I have taken Mega Bus many times to DC but this will be the first time to NYC

      2. You can use the Koshertopia map to get a sense of where these restaurants are.

        The one thing I would advise against is taking the m42 cross town bus that zsero mentions. The bus routinely averages less than walking speed. You can either take the S or 7 cross town, or just walk the entire distance.

        I would probably suggest Shalom Bombay over Dakshin. Dakshin might be closer to the UN, but then you'll be left with an annoying long trip back to the bus. Shalom Bombay at least puts you closer to the bus and in a much more convenient location for a subway back.

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        1. re: avitrek

          Yes, the M42 is very slow, which is why on the way there I suggested taking the 7 as far as Grand Central, and then perhaps the bus to 1st Ave. But after a long day of demonstrating and walking, I wouldn't recommend walking all the way from 1st Ave to 9th, or even from Lex to 9th, when sitting on the bus is likely to be more comfortable if no quicker (unless it's packed, of course).

          1. re: zsero

            IF it is a humid day I really will need the bus. :( So thanks.

        2. Koshertopia just posted that Coffee Bean & Tea will be opening in Aug at Bdway & 39th St! I've never been to their LA locations but believe they have lite (dairy) fare so that may be an option for when u get off the bus.

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          1. re: sanekosher

            Oh I have read about this chain and it sounds good. About how far from the bus stop is this. I really don't know NYC at all. I have been there in the past but how I got around and got back home is beyond me;)

            1. re: Prettypoodle

              You get off at 28th St, so 39th St is 11 blocks; at that point Broadway is about half way between 7th and 6th Aves. Or you could take the 1 train to Times Square and walk from there.

          2. Obvious to NY-ers but not to the rest of us: Although Manhattan is a grid (avenues run uptown/downtown and numbered streets run east/west,) Broadway cuts across diagonally. Some of our favorite fast food joints are on or near Broadway, like J2 pizza and Kosher Delight. East-West starts from 5th Avenue so you will be on the east side when you get off the bus. There is not much kosher near the UN (why do I hear a snide joke coming on?) and certainly not of Chowhound quality.

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            1. re: SoCal Mother

              7th Avenue and 28th St is defintely West Side, several blocks south of Penn Station.

              1. re: susiejane

                Didn't read her post carefully enough...She gets off the bus on the west side, gets food and then goes to the UN...Sorry.

                But anyway there is no place to eat near the UN that I know of.

                1. re: SoCal Mother

                  Green Olive is fairly close. And there's Mendy's in the food court at Grand Central, if she takes the 7 train.

              2. re: SoCal Mother

                Dont really want fast food including pizza. We are not huge pizza eatters and want to take advantage of our trip to enjoy a place that maybe I have read about here. My husband LOVES Indian, I am ok with it so that is why I mentioned Indian, but we are open. If another good lunch spot is anywhere near where we wil be, I'd ;ove to hear about it please.

                1. re: Prettypoodle

                  OK plans have changed. We are still going. We love the morning options and will find somwething to revive us after ourt long journey up the NJ turpike. But the Indian food is now out. We have decided to go antother time (for the hubby's b day) so we can really enjoy the meal. So any suggestions for a meal close (2-3 blocks prefered)to the bus stop where will leave from. Pizza is still a last choice, Chinese would be wonderful if possible or sandwhiches or whatever.
                  THANKS ALL:)

                  1. re: Prettypoodle

                    Unfortunately there's nothing close to the Megabus departure area, except the truck outside B&H, and you can't be sure whether it will be there at the time and date that you need it (unless you write and ask them).

                    That leaves all of midtown Manhattan to choose from. What sort of cuisine would you like? Bukharan? Then go to Taam Tov. Something else? Utter your provision and advice will be forthcoming to suit, together with transport directions as appropriate. There is also Green Olive which I mentioned as a morning option; that could just as easily be a lunch/dinner option (assuming that the announced change of hechsher happens; better check on that closer to the date).

                    For Chinese, you could try Eden Wok on 34th & Madison, or Mr Broadway or Kosher Delight on Broadway & 37/38, or Kosher Deluxe on 46th & 5th.

                    For Persian, there's Colbeh. For general American, consider Abigael. Anything else? Any other plans for the day, that will take you to some other location?

                    1. re: zsero

                      Ok betyween watching TWO baseball games at once (we are a mixed marrage of American an(O's) and National (Phillies) we decided on Taam Tov. The food sounds so good!

                      This trip will be to the UN to show support for Israel, then to Taam Tov and then back to the bus and home.

                      We are planning a trip to Dakshin another day for the lunch buffet. What interesting things are there to do in that area, or is it an area where it is just fun to walk around? Once again we will take Mega to NYC and back.

                      THANKS so much!!!