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Jul 14, 2011 06:07 PM

Eggplant on George Forman grill?

I need some advice:

Bough some eggplant today. Usually, I cut it into half-inch thick rounds, coat lightly with some olive oil, and either bake or cook in a frying pan with a little extra olive oil. Well, it's rather hot to fry or use the oven, so I was thinking of cooking it on a George Forman grill. Has anyone done that? Will it cook through, or will it cook unevenly? Suggestions?

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  1. It should. Assuming that the the GFgrill heats evenly.

    1. I do it all the time -- I usually salt it a little just to pull out some of the moisture, and let it drain on a rack over paper towels.

      Then brush with oil and throw it on your Foreman -- when it's brown , it'll be done.

      1. If your GF grill cooks a half-inch (or thicker) piece of meat evenly and all the way through, it will certainly cook eggplant slices. In fact, I would check them often to be sure they don't burn.

        Nowadays, people don't want to admit that they still use a GF grill. We have an old one that we use semi-regularly. It makes very good pork chops and turns out quite respectable panini, too.

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          mine isn't a GF brand, but I'll wave my hand proudly about using it -- cooks things quickly and fairly evenly, gives good grill marks, and keeps things reasonably healthy (and doesn't spatter, which is important)

          It's as close to grilling as I'm going to get in February when there's snow on the ground.

        2. Even better: dip it in egg, then Parmesan, s&p and put it in a waffle maker.

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            yeah I was going to say, I heard a waffle maker works great too! never tried it personally though

          2. I do all the time. Oil isn't even necessary. I often use a large GF to prep slices of eggplant for moussaka. It's also nice for sliced eggplant/zucchini/mushroom sandwiches on whole wheat bread. When the veggies are precooked, stack them in the bread, add some roasted red pepper and some cheese, maybe a little pesto, and make a pressed sammich of the gods.

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              Thanks, everyone. The eggplant was great.