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hatch chiles ?

Any of you Hatch Chile lovers heard anything when the crop will be available here in Los Angeles? Please share...

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  1. In NM it comes in early Sept. I got 90 lbs. last year and they're all gone!!!!

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      So you're the reason I couldn't find any.

    2. ...and who has them? I got lucky and actually found some at a supermarket (Pavilions) last year. Made a bunch of turkey/green chile stew. Excellent chilies—they're like Anaheims on steroids.

      1. Bristol Farms is advertising them on their web site...it can't be too much longer!

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          They're always available at the same time, within about two weeks of the Hatch Chile Festival, which is the first weekend in September.

          In Orange County the most reliable places are grocery stores—there's a store in Guada-La Habra (a Vons or an Albertsons, I forget which) and there's the Henry's in Laguna Niguel/Aliso Viejo.

        2. El Rey Farms brings in several truckloads a year. They have pickup at La Puente High School, where you can get them roasted. This is the closest to the NM taste and experience that you will find in southern California. Your timing is excellent since they start taking orders today. Their first truckload will be coming August 13 and their last on Sept 17.


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            As someone who likes the flavor of hatch chiles but has no experience buying and storing them, how do you recommend getting these chilies? Don't want to make a mistake considering you have to buy a sack of these.

            Do most people get them roasted then freeze them to use throughout the year? It also appears there are 3 variations of hotness levels on these chilies. Again, a particular level of heat you recommend to balance out with flavor?

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              I buy them roasted, then separate them (unpeeled) into freezer bags and freeze then. After I thaw them, the skim slips right off. The hotness level is only an estimate—they have no way of knowing whether an individual chile is super hot or not.

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                After they are roasted you would bring them home in a plastic garbage bag. They will continue to steam while being transported home. The skins will be easy to remove at that point and you can quickly peel and seed (if desired). Kept airtight they will store well in a cold freezer. We usually get enough to last the year (about 2 sacks, but being from NM we consume lots of green chile). You can talk to the folks at El Rey about buying a smaller quantity as well.

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                  Based on my last years experience, Do Not let them steam in the big plastic bag if your drive home is long - separate them and do everything possible to cool them off quickly. Marshal every cooler in the house! Trust me, you do not want overcooked, mushy chiles for possible stuffing.

                  BTW has anyone seen *specific* locations mentioned in Albertsons ads? As usual their corporate site makes it (almost ?) impossible to get details.

                  Also, the rebranded Lucky stores in SoCal have fallen off their corporate sites. What happened? Is the South Gate store still there under the same name?

                  Last years post: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/719101

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                    Depends on how long you anticipate keeping them in the plastic bag. The effect of heat/steam is dose dependent.

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                  My friend and I shared a sack last year (I let her take 3/4 and I took 1/4 of them and still got about 7 gallon sized bags and some quart sized ones). We had them roasted there, which I think is the way to go. I still have A BUNCH in the freezer. We spent hours in her kitchen with a stack of ziploc bags and peeled and stuffed. Some, we left the skin on. It is really a lot of chiles, but they are really good. Be careful, we burned our hands when we were getting them out of the sack! They were still piping hot!

                3. I second the rec for El Rey Farms, great chiles. Be aware that the system of lines and the process is kind of ... well, it's an experience. Kind of a festive experience, but don't expect to be in and out of there, unless you get an early time slot - and even then.... Be patient, be prepared to wait, and stay cool - it's usually hot out there.


                  1. on the back (bottom) of the albertsons ad, they list what stores and date they'll have em. ALTHOUGH, it includes roasting. $34.99 for 30 lbs sack. limit 10 bags per customer.

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                      UPDATE - just visited local Albertsons to get missing ad - A MIRACLE HAPPENED! First time ever my local ad lists the stores for Hatch Chile roasting:

                      - August 6 Rancho Cucamonga, 8850 Foothill Blvd
                      - August 13 Reseda, 19307 Saticoy St.
                      - August 13 South Gate, 4155 Tweedy Blvd (FYI rebranded as Lucky Store)
                      - August 20 La Habra, 1800 W. Whittier Blvd
                      - August 27 Montebello, 2469 Via Campo St
                      - September 3 Chula Vista, 720 3rd Ave
                      - September 3 Alhambra, 2400 W. Commonwealth Ave

                      All dates are Saturday, get there early, while supplies last, product availability depends on weather conditions

                      -> Bring a hat and cold drinks, the roasting line may be long

                    2. I found the well hidden info about upcoming Bristol Farms Hatch Chile events:

                      Long Beach - August 27th from 8am to 2 pm
                      Newport Beach - September 3rd from 8am to 2 pm
                      Newport Beach - September 4th (Sunday) Live Remote Broadcast featurung Chef Jamie Gwen,
                      Roastings from from 8am to 2 pm
                      South Pasadena - September 10th from 8am to 2 pm

                      All events Saturday except noted.

                      Source: http://www.bristolfarms.com/promo/201...

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                        Here's another URL for the Bristol Farms events with a modicum of additional info:


                      2. Saw them today at Jon's Marketplace on Sepulveda. 99 cents per pound.

                        1. hatch chili in Montebello ca August 27, 2011 starting at 6:00 am

                          Albertsons Market

                          1. 4+ hours in line at Albertsons La Habra. They sold out. Store opened at 6am, roasting at 8am. I was told people were lining up at 1am! I talked to 2 girls who arrived at 4:30am, they were at the roasters(5) about 9am.

                            Get there early, bring drinks, snacks, sunscreen and perhaps a chair. Don't forget an ice chest or container to keep the exuded chile juice out of your car if the plastic bag is breached(common rookie mistake).

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                              Bummer about your long wait. My one hour wait at South Gate was shorter than last year.

                              My large cooler saved my back seat upholstery - the plastic bag actually ruptured!
                              Next year I'm going with at least one large (36" x 24") produce flat *double lined* with large plastic bags.

                              Cooling the chiles more made a big difference - the flesh is intact enough for stuffing.

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                                If you didn't get any, try the Frieda's roasting at Ralphs—it's not nearly as insane.

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                                  Roasting just started at Ralph's in Pasadena. Only about 15 people in line

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                                      I must have been there with you! They did a good job with the roasting, thank goodness we had the shade to stand under. The market did not really plan much for the event, perhaps next year they will do it in back of the store.
                                      These were the same exact sacks of chiles that Albertson's sells each year, but $5 cheaper. Only one roaster, but that was appropriate for the crowd at hand this year.
                                      We were there about an hour to get our sack roasted, while it took about 5 hours at Albertson's in La Habra the prior weekend.
                                      What Freida's really nailed was in the packaging of the roasted chiles. They gave you the option of having your sack packed into 3 plastic bag lined boxes(still can/do leak), which allows the chiles to cool faster and not stew under the weight of the whole 30 pounds. DiveFan in a post above revealed the KEY about maintaining the structure of your chiles during the long freeze ahead, cool 'em quick!

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                                        If you were there for the angry lady yelling about someone's daughter cutting in line (that wasn't me, but I was between them!) we were there at the same time.

                                        I agree the back/shady side would have been much more comfortable. But overall the wait was tolerable, the people manning the roasting were very accommodating and the packaging was great.

                                        I made chile verde on Sunday and it was fabulous. I'm now thinking 10lbs might not have been enough!

                                2. Saw them yesterday at Whole Foods on 3rd & Fairfax. $1.99/lb.

                                  1. They are going for .99 a lb at Jons Marketplace and will be roasting on-site Saturday Septemcer September 3, 2011. The ad does not say if the price at that willeci be .99 as are currrently. What is so special about these chilis and why are they roasting them?

                                    1835 Sherman Way, Reseda Ca 91

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                                    1. How much are they at Bristol Farms? Do you expect supply problems there? El Rey is sold out even for their last pickup. Thanks.

                                      El Reys
                                      9131 Mission Blvd, Riverside, CA 92509

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                                        The Bristol Farms in Playa del Rey was selling hot and mild for &1.69/lb

                                      2. Whole foods has them - bought 30lbs at Irvine last week, and 20lbs in Seal Beach (or is it long beach there) today. Not sure exactly which hatch variety, but very pleasantly spicy, especially after they've been roasted. $1.99/lb

                                        1. Next weekend is the last Albertsons sales at Chula Vista and Alhambra. Just reread the info the store sent me - the latter store is a new location so locals might Not mob it. Maybe.
                                          FYI the chiles are delivered the previous day (Friday 9/2) in case you don't want to roast them. Don't know if Labor Day weekend will make a difference either way.

                                          1. Hatch chile roasting is at Sprouts. They will roast free if you buy a case. Sept 17 and 18 is at the Fullerton store, from 8 am until 2 pm. Sept 24, and 25th is the store in Laguna Hills. There were other locations listed, but I didn't make note of them at the time. Yay for us!

                                            1. I saw them for the first time at today's Atwater Village farmer's market. I believe it was in the South Central farmer's stall--$4/bag.