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Heirloom tomatoes

Hello. I really would appreciate it if someone could let me know where I can get really good heirloom tomatoes in Philadelphia-just can't find any good ones. Many thanks

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  1. Try the Bryn Mawr Organic Farmer's Market on Saturday AM -

    I saw some there and I've seen them at Whole Foods (conventional not organic).

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    1. My patio! But it's a closely guarded secret. Sorry! ;-D

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      1. Rittenhouse farm market on Saturdays

        1. Blooming Glen Farm has excellent heirloom tomatoes at the Headhouse Farmers Market on Sundays.

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            I got some of these last Sunday. They are quite good and the price wasn't bad either.

          2. There are Heirlooms at the Tuesday Market at Passyunk and South

            1. If You feel like a drive along the Brandywine, the farm stand on route 100 South of Route 1 (about 2 miles, just after you go over the bridge) always has some of tastiest and widest varieties available

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                This weekend all the tomatoes @ this spot are on sale 1.75/lb. Lots of variety. Tried 4 or 5 today. All great so far.

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                  Thanks for the tip. This is precisely why I have no interest in growing tomatoes at home. When they're in season, as they are now, they're in such abundance they're practically free. I stopped at that produce stand (SIW?) for the first time last weekend and was impressed with the selection and quality of their produce. It's certainly a lot closer to where I live than Pete's in Westtown, so if I'm just out for tomatoes, as I will be today, that's where I'll shop. I've got to say, though, the Mirai corn at Pete's still makes the trip to Westtown worth my while.

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                  It's really a scenic drive down there. Don't ya just love our neck of the woods?

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                    Cindy...................."H" Haskell who runs the place is a great guy. He is also the one who grows the giant Pumpkins for the Chadds Ford Pumpkin Carve. ( and 2 secret notes about the property...the movie, "The Village" was filmed there..and they have the most gorgeous Peonnies in the Spring!)

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                      I'll definitely go back. I'll just need to keep a reminder handy -- it's somewhat removed from my everyday routes.

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                        I don't want to publically tell you how to see the acres and acres of peonies when they are in bloom.....but perhaps sometime in private

                3. Try going to the www.buylocalpa.org website. Many links to farmers' markets that sell heirloom tomatoes in the city and out, so you can look for what's nearest you. They also link to restaurants and shops committed to using/selling local food.

                  1. Any luck with Iovine in the Reading Terminal Market?

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                      If you're in the Reading Market the best tomatoes will probably be from local farmers at the fair food stand or one of the farmers' stands (there's one on the north side by Metropolitan)

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                        Agree - Fair Food Farmstand, maybe the guy by Metropolitan and maybe Halteman's back behind Giunta's. I dont think I've ever seen heirlooms at Iovines

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                          There are also heirlooms at Kauffman's.

                      2. We were just at Maple Acre Farms off Narcissa Road in Plymouth Meeting the other night and they haa a gorgeous variety. We sticked up on the small yellow ones that look like donut peaches and have been in tomato-ey heaven for the past 48 hours.

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                          was just going to suggest Maple Acres, their heirlooms are fabulous. :)

                        2. Rosie's had some heirlooms (on 322 on the Jersey side) this past week. Also some really gorgeous Jersey yellows which weren't necessarily heirloom but I was drooling just looking at them (bought some last night but just making salad now with them to enjoy!)

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                            There is such a thing as a tomato that isn't an heirloom tomato that has everything you could
                            possibly wish in a tomato: firmness, flavor, keeping quality, reliability, unusual, albeit 'even' appearance: Kumato tomatos, packed in a sleeve of 4-5 perfect tomatos, sold at Whole
                            Foods. I buy them all the time; have not seen them sold elsewhere.

                            Worth $3.99 for what is more than a pound,despite label on box.

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                              The Kumatos l get in France are grown in Brittany and are about the size of a squash ball, green with some stripes, and thick exterior, even thicker than a Roma. Is this the same tomato you are talking about ? Hope so, as my fav tomato anywhere, will run to W(t)F to get them. If so, which W(t)F ?

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                                That[s the one! This is one heck of a tomato. I live near the WF across from the new Barnes Museum location, on Pennsylvania Ave I think. They probably have them
                                in other WF's as well. But, I have never seen them anywhere else. Surprising, because this is a tomato that has its entire act together. Tasty, tasty. And, they keep.

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                                  I've gotten them at the Trader Joe's at 22nd & Market, too. They are great tomatoes as they are available around here in the cooler months when our local ones aren't out yet.

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                                  Ok, so I was at Trader Joe's today and saw these, so I got a package. I just had one and it was. . .fine. For a storebought tomato, it was decent, but it couldn't hold a candle to the heirlooms I've been getting at local farmer's markets. What am I missing?

                              2. BTW, Matyson's tasting menu this week is featuring heirloom tomatoes.

                                1. I was just at Wegman's in Collegeville and they are loaded with heirlooms....You can buy by the quart or by the pound...They looked wonderful!

                                  1. The farmers market in High School Park in Elkins Park had a tomato vendor last week with a huge assortment of heirloom tomatoes. Would imagine he will be there again this week.
                                    There is also an amazing peach/apricot/ blueberry stand. This week promises nectarines and plums as well.

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                                      I think the tomato vendor was Herrcastle Farm. They had an amazing variety of heirloom tomatoes. I bought a large green one that was probably the best tomato I've ever tasted in my life. I can't remember the name, but I hope they have more this week. I think they also go to the farmer's markets in Jenkintown and Glenside.

                                      The fruit vendor is Frecon Farms. Those apricots were delicious!

                                    2. Culton Organics at the Sunday Headhouse Market.