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Jul 14, 2011 04:21 PM

Chinese Bakery in Cupertino for sesame / coconut balls?

I am the designated mule to bring sesame balls to my sister in MN. She can get a Vietnamese version made with mung bean filling but prefers the kind with peanuts/ coconut or red bean filling. Do you have a favorite Chinese Bakery or grocery in Cupertino which carries the fried crispy ones rolled in sesame or the soft chewy white ones with coconut all over with her preferred fillings?

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  1. did you try either the Kee Wah bakery or Sheng Kee, both in Cupertino ? the first describes itself as Hong Kong in its origins, the latter Taiwanese. we don't get down there often, so have not experienced either. if you are describing the dim sum pastry, almost all the Chinese dim sum places in your area will have a version but the fillings will vary.

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      Sesame balls are deep fried and I am not sure if bakeries are the way to go. Better off trying tea house or take out dim sum places are a better bet. I do not remember seeing them at either of the bakeries. 99Ranch has had them and they would have a more Chinese filling.

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        agree, the dim sum places would be the best bet for jin dui, if that's the object of desire, but didn't know what 'soft chewy white ones with coconut' refers to.

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          I think that the OP is asking for types of fillings. My Mother as I remembered made them with at least three filling for New Years and it was treat to eat them hoping for your favorite. Wonderful memories which makes one think they are kids again. I remember fighting with my family hoping to get the one I really wanted. Coconut with crushed peanut. One of the many things I failed to learn to make for myself.

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            Or the OP is talking about this, those little coconut snowball looking things


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              It is possible that the snowball mochi is what the OP wanted but they are not fried.