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Jul 14, 2011 03:29 PM

Five Guys now carrying Hot Dogs

I stopped by today after work and saw that they had Hot Dogs on the menu, apparently they just became available today. The prices are $3.99 for a hot dog, upwards of I believe $5.29 for a bacon-cheese dog. Apparently the reason they didnt have them is because they couldnt find a supplier to sell them cheap enough, so I guess they have someone now.

I didnt get to see any of the hot dogs and I didnt order one, so if anyone tries it, let us know how they are!

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  1. They charge $3.99 and are worried about a cheap enough supplier? Maybe the hamburger has to be cheap too.

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    1. re: jayt90

      That was my reaction too. "couldn't find a supplier to sell them cheap enough"....Not the kind of information they should want out there.

      1. re: T Long

        Maybe I worded it wrong, but I guess they have their own recipe for Hot Dogs and they couldnt find a supplier that could make them at a price that was somewhat reasonable, apparently when they were initially looking for the supplier the costs were gonna be just crazy, and they would have to sell their dogs for probably much more then it costs right now.

        I kinda understand the situation, I dont think 5 Guys buys some brand of hot dogs, they make their own, and its not something they can do in-store. They have to find a supplier to put their dogs together just how they want it, and they couldnt find someone to do it at a price that was anywhere near reasonable. They also dont have the same economy of scale as the US franchises, so maybe 5G made a long term contract with some company to make the dogs cheaper now, and when the franchise starts spreading even more they will get even more business from them.

        That being said, $3.99 is a bit silly, I mean, its apparently a larger sized dog, but even if its the same size as Street Meat, theres no way it tastes better. I mean, by the time you add tax in, you would be paying as much as you typically would for a sausage and a pop from a street vendor, and I consider Street Meat to be some of the best (junk/cheap) food in the city.

        I really have no interest in getting their hot dogs, I think people on this site would have to give it Burger Priest like praise before I buy one, but still thats a bit steep...

        1. re: jmarcroyal

          Thanks for the clarification....sound a lot better! My son tried out their burger recently....his review was a tepid...."just OK".

          1. re: jmarcroyal

            If Street Meat is your high water mark, then you simply must try Marianne's Snack Shack directly in front of Mt Sinai Hospital the next time you're downtown. She gets the basics right and has the creativity to add fun to the selections.