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Jul 14, 2011 03:06 PM

Favorit balsamic vinegar?

I'm looking for recommendations to purchase good balsamic vinegar for everyday use in salads and veggies. I usually buy the organic Whole Foods, but I'd like to start experimenting with other brands.

I have heard good things about Bistro Blends and Maletti (both quite a bit more expensive than my usual bottle - around $25 or so).

My questions:

- If you've ever tried Bistro Blends or Maletti, what did you think? Are they worth their price?
- Do you have any other favorite brands you recommend?


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  1. I like Alessi brand...I just don't have a budget for crazy-expensive but I do like the flavor of's only aged for like 4 years...the more it ages, the better it is..and more expensive...well, here's some info' for you ... I can buy this at Publix...Sweetbay...whatever and it does me just fine:

    1. I actually really enjoy Costco's Kirkland brand. In fact, I think I may be developping a bit of an addiction to it. Great value is always a bonus, too.

      1. I've been purchasing the balsamic vinegar from Leonardo & Roberto's at the local farmer's market in Torrance. Once I tried their's, it was difficult to use anything other brands. It's a bit pricey, about $30 for 12.7 oz but it is so good. Here's their website and in their website is an embedded video from ABC.

        1. Love Bistro Blends Fig Balsamic but I don't want to always order it via online so I did a google to see if anybody had a suggestion of equal quality for another brand. I found your question. There is a different in taste in $9 bottle & $25 Bistro Blends bottle. Maybe it's not a good ideal to test with a $25 bottle causes once you do, it's hard to go back to the cheaper

          Here's back story about Bistro Blends but today the creator John Spenger has moved on & started up another vinegar company