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Jul 14, 2011 02:43 PM

Beyond lobster -- what else is good?

I am already drooling at the thought of eating Maine lobster, having a lobster roll or two, and maybe some Maine blueberries (if they are still around) when I visit the coast in early October.

BUT -- any other local specialties I should be aware of? What's exceptionally good? Local beers? Dishes unique to Maine? Local food products I should look for at the grocery store?

I'll be in OOB, then up the coast to Bar Harbor, so I have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of meals and snacks to consume in 6 days!

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  1. For something other than seafood, try 4 Points BBQ in Winterport.

    Baked goods at Friar's Bakehouse in Bangor....only open Tuesday through Friday I believe and from 8am until 2ish???

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      1. Sea Dog makes a Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale. It actually tastes like what it is. Worth a try. You should be able to find it in grocery stores.

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          That sounds kind of weird, but will look for it! Thanks. I hear there is also an odd-tasting soda called Moxie.

          1. re: MissLori

            Might as well try the Moxie, since you'll be in Maine! For a great Maine beer, I'd go with the Maine Beer Company (esp. the Leaf Peeper Ale). They are a small brewery and their beers are not easy to find outside of Maine. I just recently had a Bar Harbor Blueberry that was also pretty good, but it also made me realize that I just don't like that style of beer. Allagash beers are outstanding, especially their white.

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              Hopefully Moxie isn't as bad as the soda we tried in Puerto Rico - Malta. Blech.

                1. re: crawfish

                  You may have just opened up a big can of worms. That might be fightin' words to some.

                  1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

                    Whoops - sorry! I like Dr. Pepper.

                    How about I just say Moxie is a brown soft drink in the same "family" as cola, root beer, Brio and Dr. Pepper?

                    1. re: crawfish

                      Once upon a time, Moxie was the number one selling soda in America, ahead of Coke and Pepsi. Personally, I hate the stuff but force one down each year "just because". Do buy a Moxie shirt and wear it in different places around the globe. You'll be surprised with the number of Mainers there are out there who are attracted to the shirt like a moth to a candle.

                  2. re: crawfish

                    No,Moxie tastes more like I think motor oil tastes(although I haven't tried the motor oil---LOL).
                    The Moxie and the motor oil have the same consistency IMO.

                  3. re: MissLori

                    To me Moxie tastes like carbonated cough syrup. And not in a good way. ;) But folks that love it LOVE it.

            2. If you like ice cream , MDI ice cream has some very unusual flavors but some of the New England area homemade ice cream places have Indian Pudding ice cream in the fall. If you can find real Indian Pudding, that's even better but the only place I think I've seen it on the menu is Durgin Park in Boston. Used to be served at Howard Johnson restaurants. It's a very old time dessert based on molasses and cornmeal.

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                Funny you should mention HoJo's dfrostnh - Maine has the last HoJo's restauraunt in New England (in Bangor - 336 Odlin Road (207)-947-3464).

              2. I love lobster but there are other seafoods I find I crave more when I'm "away".

                Steamer clams - these are thinner shelled clams that don't ship well so not often available outside of New England. Usually served simply steamed with a cup of broth and some butter. They are sweet and delicious, don't even need the butter. Dunk in broth to rinse off any sand. My favorite Maine food!!!!
                Rock crab - once you've picked a few of these crabs you'll appreciate the lovely sweet and tender meat almost more than lobster. It's a ton of work to get a ridiculously minor amount of meat so no one serves them whole. The best way to enjoy them is in a crab roll.
                Maine shrimp - they're tiny but delicate in flavor. Try them in a shrimp roll!

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                1. re: crawfish

                  I love Maine steamers just as much as I love the lobster. Always so plump, fresh and sweet whenever I get them in the Bar Harbor area.

                  1. re: LStaff

                    I'll look for steamer clams when I'm in Bar Harbor. Will they be available in Oct, or are they a seasonal thing?