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Jul 14, 2011 02:10 PM

Any major Stampede food events / deals / must-trys?

Excepting the famous starchy pancake breakfasts, of course. Which are great.

-Are there any exceptional patio food deals in participating Stampede bars / restaurants?

-Any *FREE FOOD* besides aforementioned breakfasts?

-Must trys, along the lines of... buying a big turkey leg and making a great soup out of it?


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  1. They charge $15 for one of those big turkey legs at the Stampede. Outrageous.

    I heard Morgan's Pub on 17th was doing a free lunch instead of breakfast but that might have happened yesterday (Thursday, July 14)

    Tomorrow morning (Sat, July 16) is my favourite Stampede breakfast at Community Natural Foods (Chinook locatio). All natural food... organic wheat AND gluten free pancakes, real maple syrup, natural beef & non-meat sausages, organic juice & coffee and other takeaways like puffed rice bars and yogurt. One year, they gave out cartons of coconut water. Good quality foods.

    Must try thing that might be overlooked: Fiasco Gelato's crepes and frozen goods. They're located inside The Range (bottom floor of the Big 4 building). I had their chicken, fig & spinach crepe yesterday and it was so good. The candied bacon gelato was also good though primarily maple flavoured as opposed to primarily bacon flavoured.

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      That is excellent, thank you.

      I agree, $15 is outrageous!

      Most all of the free BBQ's in the city that I knew about happened yesterday, July 14th. Cheers.

    2. McKay's in Weadickville @ the Stampede Grounds - New Stampede flavours: Mini donut ice-cream - very, very good!, Pancake Breakfast ice-cream - get this! pancake, maple syrup and bacon with vanilla icecream, Beer for the Horses ice-cream - tastes like beer they say! Get them before they disappear!

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        Thanks for the tip. I went to Weadickville to try those ice cream flavours and wasn't disappointed.

        Other things I tried were kind of a bust -
        The donut burger ($10) was a cheap maple glazed donut and one of the lowest quality patties I've ever eaten. Maybe a Krispy Kreme burger with nice beef would have been good; this was not!
        The fried onion ($10) was really greasy and kind of bland. I liked the larger chunks of onion, though. Actually that's a good idea for a new snack: fried onion wedges. I'll have to try making that.
        Finally the ice cream brick ($4) they coat in chocolate and roll in peanuts had a good flavour, but a higher quality/more solid ice cream would have been better. It completely fell apart before I could finish it. The wooden skewer they served it on made things worse. There's a reason popsicle sticks are wide and flat!

        1. re: 23skidoo

          The "brick" is called a Fiddlestix. I was tempted to get one but now I'm glad I didn't!

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            Hey 23skidoo, You're most welcome for the icecream tip!

            1. re: 23skidoo

              darn! I read this post way too late - the ice cream would have been awesome. Instead, I ate dive food (tacos in a bag, hot beef sundae, etc.). Terrible tasting, terrible for you, but fun nonetheless.
              I also had a smoked beef sandwich from Smokeys, a pulled pork sandwich from a spot in front of the Grand Stand, and a poutine from La Poutinerie.
              The first two were horrid - the smoked beef sammy pulled me in because it looked like they were cooking them fresh. Much to my dismay, they took a box, microwaved it and gave it to me - the pulled pork was not much better, it was not fresh or hot (is it worse to have it microwaved?), both big disappointments.
              On a better note - La Poutinerie = good, fresh, and tasty. Enjoyed.
              Not sure if it was for Stampede, but Earls had an excellent hot brisket beef dip. Big fan.

              Erin :-)