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Jul 14, 2011 01:44 PM

Thai or Inidan Cooking Classes in West LA/SM/CC/Venice

Most of the exisiting posts are rather old on this so I though I would try a new post. Looking for a private/semi-private/group cooking lesson with Thai or Inidan Food. Any suggestions? Found amandacooks so I was also wondering if anyone has taken a class with her, or even taken her Indian or Thai cooking class? Should also add that if the lesson specializes in fish and/or veggie dishes that would be a plus :)

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  1. New School of Cooking also has the occasional Thai or Indian class in their catalog. No first-hand experience.

    1. Several years ago there was a similar inquiry and I gave a 3-weekend course on Indian cooking in my house. Unfortunately, I live in Altadena.

      1. Several times a year, Surfas has Indian cooking classes (Culver City).

        1. I would be happy to drive to Altadena for an Indian cooking class.

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              miwine and KQ - please send me email at sdg @ caltech dot edu

          1. I think HipCooks does Thai classes. Don't know about Indian.