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Jul 14, 2011 01:27 PM

Hyatt Regency on Jeanne Mance

Can anyone recommend any great restaurants within close proximity of the hotel?

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  1. The 2 "containers" ( :-) ) on The Place des Festivals, both are low-key spawns of acclaimed restaurants ( Toque and Ferreira); both will probably need reservation ASAP

    Brasserie T : french bistro/brasserie
    F Bar : portugese-ish

    On the other side of the Place des Arts, there is "Bouillon Bilk" (

    Or you can walk up parc ave. to Pullman ( wine bar with tapas).


    1. This is more for a quick and good lunch but:
      La Nouvelle Boulangerie de Montreal in complexe desjardins serves some of the best salads & sandwiches in town. No deli cheap meats here. Lobster quesadilla, seared lamb, roast are the styles of meat you'll find in these top notch sandwiches.