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Jul 14, 2011 01:03 PM

Best Food Truck Weekly/ Night Event? Why?

A lot of food truck driven weekly events around LA/ OC, what one is your favorite and why? What keeps you coming back week after week?

Ours: Wheel Food Wednesday at Jones Coffee Roasters. Why? Rotating food trucks, amazing vibe w/ live music and local artists. Real community event.

Jones Coffee Roasters
537 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

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  1. I would have to say Highland Park Din-Din A Go-Go. They seem to have the best intersection of good (or popular) food trucks and high numbers of them. The only problem is parking in that weird lot or out on the street.

    Down here in OC there's the Teller Lot, and also it's very popular to play Brewery Roulette since most of the brewery tasting rooms have rotating food trucks with which you can pair good beers.

    1. Hi... I've been really impressed by the burgeoning food truck scene in Chatsworth/Granada Hills (just east of the intersection of Chatsworth and Zelzah). It apparently started as a First Fridays (of each month) event, but we drove by last friday (second Friday) and there must have been two dozen food trucks lining both sides of the street. As a Valley denizen, i was frankly surprised by the community support. Scenesters and families alike, everyone generally on good behavior (as there is no bar scene to speak of in the area except for a local pub, no drunken mobbery). Not much in the way of places to sit/congregate with the chow (except for a little grassy isle near Zelzah), so folks just seem to plop down on the sidewalk in friendly human clumps. Seems to work OK, for now...

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        This was my nomination as well. There are a good 15-20 trucks on scene every Friday night, and it's a great location because you can park in the shopping center parking lots and walk over.

      2. South Bay Din Din A-Go-Go in Torrance, although thrice-moved, is a personal favorite due to good selection, vibe and proximity.

        For purely selfish reasons (5 mins from my house), I'm partial to both weekly nights in Los Alamitos (also dubbed "Din Din A-Go-Go" on Tuesday and Picnic at The Plaza on Thursday). Picnic at The Plaza in particular partners with a small Catholic Church which advantages of its lot, clean, concrete tables and benches and liquor.

        On name alone, OC's ClusterTruck wins by a landslide.

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