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Jul 14, 2011 12:03 PM

Driving from Louisville to Harrodsburg late there a food spot we shouldn't miss?

We'll be flying into Louisville on a Friday, picking up our car around 4 PM and heading to Harrodsburg for the weekend. Any great places to eat--preferably BBQ or some other local specialty we can't get at home (in the Philadelphia area)? Great chow much more important than great atmosphere. Thanks!

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  1. You definitely need to go to Shakertown! It is a great place to tour as well as they have a restaurant there that has an amazing dinner.

    I've heard Beaumont Inn is an institution in Harrodsburg that is a Must, but I have not made it there yet. Have a great weekend!

    Beaumont Inn
    638 Beaumont Inn Dr, Harrodsburg, KY 40330

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      We are staying at the inn at Shaker Village--that's the whole trip. We'll be eating at their farmhouse dinner on Saturday night. It's a return visit, one of the reasons for which is the wonderful meal we had at their restaurant last time (I discussed it on CH last year, but have no idea where that thread is now since I think the boards have moved around).

      We also had dinner at the Beaumont and found it pretty disappointing. I discussed that on the same thread.

    2. I would suggest The Glitz at Irish Acres Gallery. They offer lunch only and you need reservations just because it fills up quickly. Their website does not do this place justice. I will preface that I am not at all into antiques but this is a previous rural high school building turned antiques gallery that is gorgeous. The original cafeteria has been transformed into a beautiful fairytale looking dining area and the food is fabulous. This is the one place I consider a MUST in this area.

      And I completely concur with Beaumont. I was very disappointed in Beaumont Inn's food as well.

      Oh - and if you eat in Louisville, there's this awesome new place called Hillbilly Tea that I highly suggest. It's on South First Street near the river and a must in my opinion.

      Beaumont Inn
      638 Beaumont Inn Dr, Harrodsburg, KY 40330

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      1. re: Whipporwill

        > The Glitz at Irish Acres Gallery. They offer lunch only

        Thanks, but unfortunately we arrive only at 4 PM, as I mentioned.

      2. Midway is only a short drive out of your way. There are some great restaurants there.

        Good Ol Day's Bar B Que @ Farm @ 544 Old Frankfort Pike, Midway, KY. 859 - 873 - 9520.
        Heirloom Restaurant @ 125 East Main Street, Midway, KY 859 - 846 - 5565.
        Holly Hill Inn @ 426 North Winter Street, Midway, KY 859 - 846 - 4732.
        Wallace Station @ 3854 Old Frankfort Pike, Versailles, KY 859 - 846 - 5161.

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        1. re: Littleman

          Thanks, I'll take a look! If you had to pick one, particularly a "local specialties" place, which would you pick?

          1. re: travelmad478

            Heirloom - one of my favorites in this area!!

        2. Once you arrive in Harrodsburg Dunns BBQ is quite good...their brisket is excellent

          For a James Beard award nominee type lunch or dinner Holly Hill Inn in Midway is the best around here

          Holly Hill Inn
          426 N Winter St, Midway, KY 40347

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          1. re: msnthrop

            Thanks for that! We will check it out!