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Jul 14, 2011 11:26 AM

Ice cream snafu

I made a delicious goat cheese ice cream base (sweet, not savory) and a cherry sauce to go with it. Forgot to freeze the ice cream bowl and seven people will be here in 1.5 hours. I sent my brother out for ice cream, but they were excited about the goat cheese concoction. Is there any, any, anything I can do with it and the cherries in the next 2 hours rather than make ice cream another day?

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  1. Remember making ice cream in coffee cans in elementary school?

    Or, if you don't have some empty cans, get everyone involved in making their own serving!

    1. Can you bake it and make custard (don't know what type of ice cream you made) along these lines:

      You could also make something sweet, like brownies or molten chocolate cake, and serve it as a sauce like a goat cheese creme anglais. Both would be good w/ a cherry sauce.

      1. I wish I had something to offer to you and I hope you've worked out your dilemma by now.

        What I do want to offer is that once-upon-a-time Waring made a small ice cream churn that operated on a couple trays of ice and ordinary household salt. It made a quart and a half of finished ice cream.

        They've been out of production on this machine for years. But I still have mine and a more contemporary freeze-the-bowl type machine. The Waring is vastly superior. It has a large open dasher that works in air and accommodates all kinds of chunky inclusions. You can't get stuck in this predicament. You can unload the churned ice cream without having half of it freeze to the walls of the bowl while you're trying to get it out. You can make one flavor and turn around and make 3 more without having to wait to refreeze the bowl. It's a workhorse -- mine has been going strong for about 30 years. ...tho I buy every one I can find to keep as parts for it's eventual demise.

        The solution I have to offer is that people petition Waring to make it again. It was called the Waring Ice Cream Parlor and, short of a machine with it's own compressor, it's the best thing I've ever found for making ice cream.

        1. It had firmed up a tiny bit on its own in the fridge, I tossed it in the freezer for 30 minutes or so to chill it more, and layered it in wine glasses with the cherry sauce. It was a big hit.