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Jul 14, 2011 10:41 AM

Brazilian red beans & rice?

There are few things that make me happier than a plate of beans & rice. Last night I got delivery from Oasis in Medford, which did the job but left me wanting more. I know most local Brazilians are from Minas Gerais, where I believe black beans are more common. But I grew up on red beans (or maybe carioquinha?) in the state of Sao Paulo, and that's what I'm craving. Does anyone know where I can get a plate of Brazilian red (or brown) beans & rice instead of black beans?

373 Main St, Medford, MA 02155

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  1. Non-Brazilian red beans and rice are on the menu at Tupelo http://www.tupelo02139.com/dinner.html (Apologies if you know this already, but red beans and rice is a canonical New Orleans dish.) For info on Brazilian, we await itaunas.

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      deglazer sincerely thanks for the shoutout and I have had the read beans and rice at Tupelo which are quite enjoyable. That said I think I would prefer to be treated "Boston Brazilian chowhound emer" or "Special Projects Brazilian, Boston" meaning that I am always happy to contribute some piece of esoteric (not always practical) knowlege and love jumping into a discussion, but honestly I have been to a Brazilian restaurant in Boston at most twice since May this at a time when there are a lot of closings/changes. There are others hounds trying new things and with great suggestions like lexpatti and yourself, so I don't wish that anyone "awaits" for me.

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        deglazer thanks for the mention of Tupelo We certainly have a wealth of other great bean dishes in the area: red-beans & rice, 'moro' from Caribbean restaurants, the various Salvadoran red beans, tasty stewed beans from Peruvian and Columbian restaurants, cachupa (would love to know where serves manchup) from Cape Verdean, Sopa de Pedra (stone soup) and Dobradinha (tripe/white beans) from Portuguese restaurants, and that ignores Chinese, French, and Italian bean dishes. :-)

        For a Brazilian craving the rice (white garlic rice) is going to be a deal breaker with most of those cusines. But it would be excellent to hear other's preferences. I am a huge fan of Salvadoran red beans, particularly the small ones. El Charrito has a really good selection and Las Carnitas de Montecristo not as much selection, but tasty -- both are in Chlsea. Rincon Limeno's beans can't be beat for Peruvian and I also really like Columbian like El Kiosco or El Paisa. I am tempted to challenge EATTV to eat only beans for 30 days now, but somehow I think he would do it! :-)

        Rincon Limeno
        409 Chelsea St, Boston, MA 02128

        Montecristo Restaurant
        146 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

        El Kiosco
        972 Saratoga St, Boston, MA 02128

        El Paisa
        598 Dexter St, Central Falls, RI 02863

      2. if your up in lowelll, I'm pretty sure that bera rios (sp?) on church st has the big red/brown beans. They have a couple diff beans/rice on their hot buffet.......by far, my fav brazillian and we've done many from Boston-NH

        it's Beira Rio's

        1. humble if you add some decent 'farinha de mandioca' and a fried egg, I am with you on the perfect comfort food. You are right that feijao carioca/carioquinha is probably what you are looking for, that feijao mulato/mulatinho or the more general term 'feijao comum' all refer to "brown" beans (marrom). Red would be closer in color to kidney or something like a borletti. Minas Gerais is a large state with proximity to a half-dozen states and several phases of settlement, so its a lot more diverse cusine than people think and certainly no rule against "marrom" beans. In fact its the "carioca" who primarily eats black beans despite the name feijao carioca. One glaring difference is Virada a Paulista and Tutu de Feijao from Minas are quite similarly, but usually use respectively brown and black beans (although there are restaurants here which make tutu with brown beans).

          Oasis uses marrom beans in their feijao tropeiro, so part of the reason maybe diversity, but honestly Goya black beans are slightly less expensive than their "pinto" so that probably has more to do with it than any regional differences. (In Brazil black beans are a bit more expensive.)

          For rice and beans, I tend to prefer smaller places which offer a "prato fixo" and not much else. Since that is just rice, beans, a protein, and some sides they tend to do a better job seasoning the beans than buffets. I have had good luck with Broadway Cafe in Everett and Cake and Cia also in Everett which served me brown beans. Pastelaria Vitoria Broadway also ofers a PF, there is a new place in Allston too but less certain about these. Petisco's in Somerville started doing a PF since I have been there and they do appear to deliver, so that might be a good option. Gauchao also usually has decent (not much seasoning) brown beans, but does not deliver. (lexpatti the Brazilian bakery in downtown Lowell used to have a quite good PF.) Some other delivery options might be Valente in Somerville and Brazil on Ferry in Malden (they used to deliver to us at work in Cambridge, but haven't eaten from them in ages). Picnic in Somerville was another which I have used for a delivered PF and has decent seasoning, but I haven't been thrilled with their overall quality so personally would try Petisco's first. In any case if you order by phone from any of these, tell them you want "feijao marrom."

          Pastelaria Broadway
          192 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145