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Jul 14, 2011 09:49 AM

Want to buy oysters in the Valley...where?

Anyone know were I might be able to buy fresh oysters, unshucked in the valley? We live in Encino, so anywhere close is helpful. We have bought them at the Whole Foods in Tarzana but their quality is mixed and they have only recently carried Fannie Bay which are not our favorites. We prefer smaller oysters like kumomoto.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Have you checked the 99 Ranch market in Van Nuys? i would think they would be a likely suspect for this quest.

    6450 Sepulveda Blvd
    Van Nuys, CA 91411
    (818) 988-7899

    One other thought (although I've not been here) is Seafood City Market - one in Panorama City and another in North Hills.

    1. Fisherman Johnny's maybe? Ask the seafood manager at Gelson's, the various Farmer's Markets have them sometimes, or head into Downtown L.A. to the wholesale food area for Los Angeles Fish Co. or Pacific Fresh Fish.

      Los Angeles Fish Co
      420 Stanford Ave, Los Angeles, CA

      1. 79 cents ea @ 99 Ranch, Sepulveda/Victory, left end of the fish counter; just increased from 69 cents [and a lg discount for lg qty]

        99 Ranch
        17713 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA

        1. I go to Fish King in Glendale, right off the 2 fwy. It's a little pricey BUT, always fresh.

          I buy oysters, scuttles, clams and other things. Shellfish can be tricky 'cuz you don't often know its freshness until you try to cook or deshuck. NEVER have had a problem here.

          I love the sushi too!

 722 North Glendale Avenue, Glendale - (818) 244-2161

          AND, I have seen Kumamoto's at the HOLLYWOOD FARMER"S MARKET - Sundays
          There's a couple of Oyster sellers. Check 'em out but, go early. Kumamoto's usually sell out first!

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            Thx for the advice on Kumamoto's. I just also found out you can order then via Whole Foods if you give them 3 days notice!

            1. re: CarlieInLA

              Good Luck. I'm personally lierie of any fresh fish from W.F. It's never fresh! Buy some there and some elsewhere just in case you nn a back up!

          2. The ones at 99 Ranch Market and Seafood City Markets are the larger sized ones more for frying. The ones here in Gardena sell for 89 cents apiece and are usually fresh with a reasonably good turnover. I'll have them raw occasionally but have to cut them in half because they are kind of "meaty". Still great though!