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Jul 14, 2011 09:11 AM

Tarry Lodge - Noisy?

Going out for a date night with my husband on Friday night. Looking for a nice/fun night out but since we so rarely get to so this, I don't want to go if we are going to be shouting at eachother in order to be heard. Can anyone let me know what the noise level is like?

Tarry Lodge
18 Mill St, Port Chester, NY 10573

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  1. Most of the Westchester CH-ers that frequent this board don't mind a din at a restaurant. I've criticized one of the noisiest restos in the county, The Cookery, and have been mocked mercilessly for not enjoying it despite the noise.

    P.S. Dont know about TL, but if you don't like to scream at your table mates like I don't, stay away from The Cookery...

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      places with good food are typically busy = lots of guests = good restaurants can be loud. that adds to the atmosphere. if you want quiet then pick a place that is slow = not so good food OR an ultra fine dining resto like la grenouille and enjoy the $40 poached chicken breast in a sedate enviroment. OR better yet go to one of the busiest restos in the county and ask for a quiet table. Watch the host/hostess look around at the hordes of people just waiting for a seat and enjoy the sarcasm!!

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        Nah. There are many very busy restaurants where one does not have to scream at their partner to be heard. It's not a matter of "quiet". It's a matter of design, layout and acoustics.

        X20 is probably THE busiest resto in Westchester, and one does not have to scream there. And many other similar examples.

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          right a higher end restaurant that was able to do all of those things physically to have better accoustics. personally I would take a seat at the bar at tarry lodge with the potato pizza or at the cookery with any of their pastas over X20...and I don't dislike X20 at all but its not as great on a consistent basis!

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            First you said that good food means noisy. Or busy=noisy. Now it's " High end" . It's none of the above. As I've said before, the real factors are design, layout and acoustics. This could apply to all spectra of restaurants. X20 has good food, and is busy. Rosie's/Bronxville is a mid-level restaurant that has a tolerable noise level, and is very busy. You seem to prefer restaurants where shouting and straining ears to hear is required and there is a huge din. I, and I assume many others, do not prefer that situation.

              1. re: cubanat

                But it's tolerable and you don't have to shout. It's lively without having a din. It's probably too quiet for you!

    2. I've eaten here a few times. It's quieter upstairs, and, believe it or not, at the bar (assuming you get two seats together). You can order from the menu at the bar and it's quite pleasant.
      Otherwise, there's little to baffle the sound and all the hard surfaces amplify the noise level.
      By the way, where did you wind up going?

      1. We ate there last night w/ 8 people. We had an 8:45 reservation but we got there early to hang out at the bar beforehand. Very crowded and semi-loud, but that doesn't bother us much if we are someplace where we enjoy the food and the company ( even when its just the 2 of us). The area where we were seated for dinner had mostly other larger parties and was certainly loud. At one point, we were shouting a bit to one another. But there are 2 tops on the other side of the upstairs dining room ( where I have also sat) that are a bit more intimate and I think it's a quieter area. Perhaps if you were to ask when, making the reservation, to be seated in a quieter area they would try to accommodate? Where did you end up going, anyway?

        1. Tarry lodge us definitely towards the louder end of the westchester spectrum. It seems that people are divided on whether loud is a good thing. My take is that as a commuter I am looking for Friday night drinks/dinner to be a bit more relaxing then "exciting". I dont go to tarry lodge to be seen, I go there for a nice glass of wine and good food. Most of the "din" in such restaurants can be attributed to a few rude tables who see a night out at tarry lodge as the social epicenter of their week.

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          1. re: mrgaga

            I hear what you are saying, and there are indeed plenty of nights that we too like quiet/relaxing evenings out. To be fair to diners at Tarry Lodge specifically, I think that the set-up lends itself to be a bit loud when it is a full-house kind of night. People were 3 deep at the bar! I didn't experience anyone being "rude-loud", it was more like a "crowded-loud" in there. And, the louder it gets, the more compelled people feel to raise their own volume and the loudness continues. I simply adore their goat cheese, pistachio and honey pizza so I'll suck it up on the noise.

            Tarry Lodge
            18 Mill St, Port Chester, NY 10573

            1. re: MRS

              I agree with MRS. I will deal with "noise" if it means great pizza! We've been there early and it wasn't that "noisy."

          2. The original comment has been removed