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Jul 14, 2011 09:02 AM

Pikolo Espresso Bar

I am in love with this new espresso bar. They opened for business yesterday (On Parc Av just north of Sherbrooke). They are serving up quality espresso (Phil and Sebastian). Really cute shop. I spoke to the owner and she is passionate about coffee and it really shows. They also had some croissants and other baked goods.

Very exciting to have a new quality coffee shop in an area which was definitely lacking.

I don't think they have a website, but they do have a Facebook page:

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  1. How much will an espresso set you back?

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    1. re: berbatov

      I don't recall exactly, but the prices are in line with other similar coffee shops.

    2. Truly excellent place and people, very excited to have another shop like this in the city.

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      1. re: Anth

        Great shop! espresso is about 2$ to 2.5$. Latte up to 3.5 if I remember well.

        the guy from loved it too, seems like a place to watch in the future

      2. I went on opening day but got there after closing. Went back yesterday, had a single espresso (which is more then 7-8g, but I don't know if it's a double like many other "3rd wave" place.)

        Owner mentioned that Anthony from Myriade helped them out to iron out things.

        They need AC ;-) but the shop is very cute and nice. All in all, a good place in the McGill ghetto and a block north of all the festivals.

        Their Macchiato are shorter then myriade's.

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        1. re: AlexCV

          The space really is beautiful. How was it not used for a cafe or restaurant before? The high ceilings and tall windows make the small space relaxing and spacious. I had a filtre coffee yesterday and it was excellent. Glad to see more roasters being available in Montreal, and more good coffee in an area void of it.

          1. re: torontrealais

            Myriade brought Phil and Sebastian in a few times and up parc, Caffee In Gamba's always had a nice selection but I think their stock doesn't always move fast.

            1. re: AlexCV

              Good to know, I haven't checked out Caffe in Gamba in a while. Do you know if anyone carries Detour? It's an excellent roaster from Ontario.