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Jul 14, 2011 08:32 AM

Favorite type of rice, and preparation?

ME ...

Type: Chinese glutinous rice
Preparation Fermented Glutinous Rice (Jui Niang or 酒酿)


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  1. Carnaroli --> risotto --> arancini.

    Second place goes to bibimbap, with white or brown rice.

    Er, can I go for more? Because I want nasi goreng and lemak as well. Oh, and similar to 'fatty rice', the 'oily rice' that is chicken rice.

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    1. Being extremely greedy (and very Asian)...all of them! Ok, except Uncle Ben's.

      Black rice for desserts. Glutinous rice for desserts and stir fried (eg. at dim sum, "sang chow loh my fan"). Jasmine for regular everyday use. Mix of jasmine and sushi rice for congee.

      1. Sona masoori, rosematta and gobindobhog.

        1. jheera rice, made with the good basmati from costco.

          1. Like many, I love all kinds of rice, but if I had to pick one would be mochigome (Japanese glutinious rice). It reminds me of my mom. One of my favorites is a mixed rice (maze gohan or some call it okowa). Beef (my mom's addition when she moved to the US), carrots, bamboo and shiitake are sauted in soy, sake and sugar. This mixture is added to the rice and steamed until the rice is cooked.

            And of course, mochi (preferring the savory to sweet).