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Jul 14, 2011 08:09 AM

Tajine Re-opened!!

I am very excited that this little place has re-opened, seemingly with its own storefront in a good location.

I called for their hours, and they're open for dinner until 10 every day, til 11 Friday and Saturday. They also do lunch, but I can't remember if it's 11-2 or 2:30.

I'll be going tomorrow night and reporting back, but I wanted to spread the news now and see if anyone's been! If it's as good as it was back in its Jones Street days, Polk Gulch just got a little more delicious.

Tajine Moroccan Restaurant
1653 Polk St, San Francisco, CA

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  1. We were just there on Sunday and it was just as good. The mosaic salad and chicken bastilla were even better than we remember, though it could be because we haven't had them for a while.

    1. Finally got here after weeks of delay and the consensus is...

      It's as good as always! Our table of four really enjoyed everything we had: vegetarian bastilla, lamb skewers, peas and artichokes, white bean and lamb tajine, and lamb cous cous. I'm especially enamored of Tajine's cous cous and meat skewers, but really everything is quite delicious. We were unanimous in declaring it a step above the other Moroccan choices in SF, besides Aziza.

      1. indeed excellent. not quite aziza-level, but also half the price (at least), with a fun, warm, cozy atmosphere