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Jul 14, 2011 08:01 AM

Osseo Meat Market & Deli -- best old fashioned skin on hot dogs, and other stuff

This is the second time I've gone back for those. Tossed a few on the grill for July 4th and they are good. They are also good cold or microwaved. The taste is robust, more like a sausage than a hotdog, and when you bite into them, the skin just bust open and you can feel you are chewing on chunks of real meat. A 5 pound bag lasted about 3 days in my house. Will be back for more.

Their bacon is also good, thick, does not shrink down to nothing when cooked, not too salty, and not sickeningly sweet as the supermarket products.

Their lefse is authentic according to my part Norwegian relatives. Really good with some butter and sugar.

Original beef jerky is also good.

The best part, if you ask, they'll let you try just about anything they sell ( fully cooked, of course).

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  1. My brother lives near there and I've stopped in a few times; I was impressed with their nice selection of meats, frozen items, and gourmet products without being pricey. I also liked their "build your own sandwich" bar.

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      I drive there from Golden Valley every few months. They have a decent selection of brats/sausages/jerky as well as cold cuts/cheeses (often forgotten). They also have a very large frozen section. Some people might complain about paying $10/lb for steak when they can get it at cub cheaper...but you get what you pay for. I don't buy my steaks at grocery stores...particularly ones that add solutions to their meat to make them more tender (shady).

      I agree their hot dogs are great. They even have a few varieties. I love the cased ones on the grill, but get the chicago ones for chili cheese dogs. As the OP said, bacon is TOP NOTCH. Thick cut, multiple varieties (smoked, cajun, pepper). I have never found a bacon that grills better on an open fire.

      One time I got a rib eye and had then cut thin (almost shaved) slices for me to make a philly cheese steak. This place is hands down way better than Hackenmeuller (sp?) in my opinion. If nothing more, its refreshing to see the same faces every time I go in. That speaks to a good business that cares about quality and service. But....please open on Sundays :-(

    2. Absolutely love this place. If I didn't live 20 miles away, I'd probably go more often.

      I've gotten everything from cold cuts to dogs (still working on the 5 pound pack I bought for the 4th) to steaks and roasts and everything has been great.

      For me, the staff makes the place. Super friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to make any kind of cut you want or need. Just a wonderful spot all the way around.