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Jul 14, 2011 07:43 AM

Prime Rib at The Commerce Club- Greenville SC

Thursday nights I have really enjoyed the prime rib. For those of you have are members are have friends that are, I think it is a great deal. Also the view is one of the best in Greenville.

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  1. Is THAT why there is such an influx of people on Thurs evenings? (i work in the building) I think the Commerce Club has surprisingly good food, given the general level of cuisine in G'ville, and given what a person would tend to expect from a club. It's not hotel food. I like the bread they start you with and the sun-dried tomato spread . The fish is always fresh and decently prepared. I had really hoped they might take over the empty restaurant at the foot of the building after Manna Deli left.

    Is the prime rib reliably rare? Do you have to dine w/ a member, or just have them make your reservation?

    Manna Deli
    61 Beattie Pl, Greenville, SC 29601

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      Member or guest of a member. I think half the people in that building are members.

      They dropped the fee to join for a limited time to $100 and is $111 a month. It come with free breakfast every morning, access to 200 or so other clubs if you travel and some other perks. It is worth it to me and I find the dinners nice and the wine and drinks very fairly priced.