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Jul 14, 2011 06:52 AM

Spread bagelry reopened

It looks like Spread Bagelry has reopened. I heard they were planning on lowering prices but haven't stopped in yet. Thank you.

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  1. As if 1:15 this afternoon, Spread is definitely not open.
    Maybe they reopened but if they did, they "re-closed" as well. They still have a "closed for repairs" sign in the door.

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    1. re: caganer

      i dont think they ever 're-opened' - i live across the street and when i passed by this morning, there were still various construction materials inside

      i wonder how these guys can afford to be closed for so long. aren't they paying rent?

    2. In his chat on Tuesday, Craig LaBan said that Spread is scheduled to reopen the week of July 17th.