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Jul 14, 2011 06:10 AM

Cancale and Mont St Michel

Hi everyone,

I have been following this board for several months and devouring as much information as I can find on it. My husband and I are coming to France for two weeks this fall and will be spending 2 nights in Cancale (Chateau Richeux). We will arrive in Rennes in the early afternoon... pick up a rental car and drive up to Cancale to check in. Any suggestions for dinner that evening? I have read the historical posts but those seem mostly centered around the old Roellinger restaurant and oysters from the beach. We are looking for just a casual but tasty everyday dinner this night... any thoughts?

The following day we are planning to visit Mont st. Michel. Everyone says that the food there is terrible... but if we must eat somewhere... any suggestions? We will return to the hotel and its restaurant for dinner this evening, so we will only need lunch.

Thanks in advance for your help. I have gotten so much help in making our plans for Paris from this forum and it is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Re eats near Mont St Michel, did you see this thread and not find anything helpful?

    "I have read the historical posts but those seem mostly centered around the old Roellinger restaurant and oysters from the beach. We are looking for just a casual but tasty everyday dinner this night... any thoughts?"

    Wha about this thread? What about Chateau Mont Dol?

    La Ferme de la Porte in Saint Jouan les Guerets is a farm-in with very good very fresh food. It is slightly out of the way but not by much.
    One of the last times we went, a whole pig was roasting all afternoon waiting for us. Let me find a pic…

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      Chateau Mont Dol, to the best of my knowledge, only serves table d'hote to their lodgers and only in the evening.

      On Mont St. Michel, I continue to recommend Crêperie La Sirèn as a fall-back for a decent and inexpensive lunch. Very serviceable crepes, good cider, beer and Panache (lemonade and beer combination). At you go up the Mont, on the left hand side, upstairs over a gift shop. Much more atmosphere than a take-out sandwich which is about your only inexpensive alternative.

      On the beach strip at Cancale, La Mere Champlain turns out simple seafood meals at a very reasonable price. We had a lunch and a dinner there surrounding a winter visit to Roellinger when few restaurants were open. Not bad at all.

      1. re: mangeur

        This crepe place sounds exactly what I was looking for... something inexpensive and relatively quick... but still not a "picnic" or grab and go. Perfect! thank you.

        1. re: amieb

          I did fine having dinner at that crêperie two weeks ago. I should add that while I did not try the restaurant in my hotel, their dining room was quite full and people seemed to be enjoying their meals.

          This was the hôtel du Guesclin. As a hotel inside the Mont, it was a real bargain. Very comfortable, renovated room with a spectacular bay view for 79€.

          1. re: RandyB

            Thanks for this "hands on" report, Randy. While I have never be on the Mont at night, I have the suspicion that it is like most tourist meccas: a completely different animal once the tour buses and day-trippers leave. I found a warm and curious connection at MSM while visiting the cemetary and reading family names of those who have actually lived on the mont, generations going back centuries. Thanks for giving us a renewed reason to return.

            1. re: mangeur

              Go during the high tides and be sure your hotel is inside the Mont. The parking lots are emptied and only those staying in the few in-Mont hotels can stay. We had a storm, rain and wind but no lightning. With a good raincoat and hat, it is the most spectacular way to have the ramparts to yourself at night.

              My first high-tide visit the weather was good. The ramparts were not empty that night but almost. The near full moon made the view spectacular.

      2. re: Parigi

        Hi, my wife and I are planning a trip to Cancale for 2 nights in mid-May. On the agenda is dinner at Le Coquillage (reservation already booked), oysters at the beach, and then another fun/casual seafood dinner. Any thoughts on a more casual restaurant in town or on a good place for lunch.

        We have had issues finding hotels with availability that are reasonably close to town but made a reservation at Manoir Des Douets Fleuris. We have not seen many reviews on the hotel and hope it is a nice place.

        Lastly, we are taking a train from Paris to St. Malo and wanted to know if a car is necessary. I would love to do without over the 2 days.

        Thanks so much for any help, love reading your posts on Paris and Brittany.

        1. re: jssLA

          Funny coincidence seeing this thread revive. I am going to Mont St. Michel on Monday and staying the night in the Mont. If by some miracle I find a place good to eat dinner, I will certainly report it. But having done this before, I am not expecting it. I am going because it is close to the full moon and a day of very high spring tides. That closes the parking areas and makes the Mont magical at night, with many fewer tourists than usual.

          1. re: jssLA

            You won't need a car in St. Malo. In fact, a car is a nuisance within the walls. Enjoy- I'm jealous. Also, you will love Cancale. Having the oysters at the beach is truly memorable.

        2. I was at the Mont St Michel about 9 months ago and the food was certainly not what I remember. There are several little sandwich places on the main street, I would get a little sandwich and take it and eat on the wall somewhere.

          But there are probably others that have more experience on the Mont that might have better suggestions.

          We did eat mussels and fries for dinner not on the Mont but across the causeway on the main street leading up to the Mont. I can't remember the name of the place right now (it was on the left as you are driving up, on a corner, kind of a cute building - at least at night with a light drizzle). The mussels were excellent! Small, yellow/orange and really cooked well. I'm sure they do lunch as well. But if you are only there for the day I don't think you will want to leave and return to the Mont in the same day.