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Jul 14, 2011 12:39 AM

New Leaf Markets

There is one coming into my neighborhood...is there cause for anticipation and excitement? Anyone familiar with the offerings? Esp interested in meat/seafood counter??

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  1. I've been to the one in Half Moon Bay a couple of times. It is not a full size supermarket but they do have a service meat counter, small as I recall but nice looking. They also specialize in natural and health food products. I recall it being a bit on the pricey side. It is a clean and neatly stocked store.

    Since their other stores all seem to be in the Santa Cruz area, I would think that they would have good sources for seafood. I don't recall looking for it there because if I am in HMB I have other fish markets that I am used to patronizing.

    I seem to remember going in specifically to see what their wine selection was like. They had a lot of organic wines, but once again pretty pricey. If it was closer to me I would probably shop there from time to time.

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      Your assessment sounds right. I've been to the one in HMB and one is Santa Cruz...but not real shopping, on the way somewhere. Seems like a smaller, less expensive (but not cheap), folksier/local version of Whole Foods. For any area it seems like a plus.

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        Exactly. I would say, though, that it is full-sized -- it's just not supersized! To me, saying it's not full-sized suggests it's like a TJ's or a Fresh and Easy, which it definitely is not. It has a full produce department, meat department, a service deli, a service bakery and full line of groceries. According to their website they source sustainable seafood, and according to what I've seen in their produce department, they buy local produce whenever possible. Anyway, based on the one in Half Moon Bay I'd love to have one in my neighborhood.

    2. Thank you for all the great information! I am excited now! I have been in mourning for the Consentino's that closed in the same location but now have something different to look forward to!

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        I live in HMB and shop at their New Leaf regularly. I think Ruth has described it perfectly as has ML8000. I really like having it as my local-I find their commitment to local and sustainable honest and thorough and the quality of their stock excellent. I don't use it for everything-their specialty Italian isn't as good as Piazza's just on the other side of the hill but for a green leaning all arounder it is good stuff.