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Jul 13, 2011 09:13 PM

dark non stick tart pan....doesn't brown my tarts..Why??

Hello, I purchased a scalloped edged dark non stick tart pan 9 -10 inches with a removable bottom. Each time I use it the crust won't brown...what can I do to correct this issue...
I thought of lining it with foil but it has the scalloped sides...

It's too late to return it, so if it won't brown crust, what would I use it for???

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  1. Have you tried buttering the pan?

    1. Dark on both side? (external and internal). It is interesting because usually the dark pans are the one which brown the food better. Are you saying that your tarts can be browned using the old pan, but not these new pans? Another thing I am wondering, though unlikely, is the new nonstick pan much thicker, maybe?

      1. I'm sorry, but perhaps I'm confused.

        Why do you want it to brown?

        Are you saying the crust won't cook? Or that it won't turn a nice dark brown color? On the top or the bottom? The reason it won't darken probably has to do with the non-stick properties of the pan.

        But if it cooks the crust, why worry since a tart crust shouldn't be "brown" to begin with?

        1. chemistrykinetics, the entire pan is dark non stick, it is a wilton 11 X 1.125. It does seem thicker the my other non stick tart pans but not by a whole lot....

          inaplasticcup, no I never thought of buttering it since it is a non you think that would help?

          ipsedixit, the crust on the bottom and the sides wouldn't brown. I sometimes make pies in it cause it so large and I like the pretty shape ie: pumpkin pie. As far as tarts, well I just assumed that they should be brown, at least a light brown crust....or are they to be a light colour? Is a quiche or a choc. almond torte not to have a coloured crust...

          Oh dear, know I'm

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            If the crust is cooked, then it doesn't matter what color they are.

            They are most likely lighter in color (not as brown as you are used) because of the non-stick properties of the pan.

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              ipsedixit, I thought the prettiness of a crust is the lovely golden colour, a white crust just seems as if it wasn't baked enough.....nor as appetizing as a coloured one.,...
              Well maybe it's just me, but what an eye opener it is that the colour or lack of colour isn't a big deal, or that tarts aren't to have pie crust that looks just like it was before baking is ok???

            2. re: heylids

              I am as confused as you. If it is a dark pan on both side, then it should absorb heat fairly quickly. If it is only a tad thicker than your previous pan, then it should matter much. From your original post, I assume you can get the tart shell slightly brown using the previous pan, but not using the new pan. Can I assume both pans are nonstick? It is more difficult to brown using a nonstick pan comparing to a un-coasted pan, but it seems both pans have nonstick surface, so that factor should cancel out.

              I don't have a good explanation, but I think you should just hike up your oven temperature to make the fact that it does not bake your tart shell the way you want to. Try increasing the temperature by 20-25°F

            3. If it tastes good, I wouldn't care about the color but you could blind bake it first if you do want it brown.