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Jul 13, 2011 07:42 PM

White Hut style burgers in Connecticut

Hi there,

If you've been to the White Hut in Springfield, MA, you'll understand why I'm so nostalgic for it. I'm looking for a similar burger stand like place, NOT burger bistro, burger bar, etc, think greasy spoon, off road, old fashioned style burger where I can get my fix. Willing to travel around CT. And yes, I know I can go to White Hut, but I'm curious to see if anything is closer!


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  1. If you are thinking "Greasy Soon", check out Rawleys in Fairfield, CT. They have exactly what you are looking for! ( the hot dogs are awesome too, check out how they make those! ) Also, while you are in Fairfield, or it may actually be Southport, CT. The Dug-out makes another "Greasy Spoon" burger! ENJOY!!

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      I am thinking of a greasy spoon place, but it has a be an excellent burger, the kind that melts in your mouth!

      1. re: zammdogg

        I've looked...not sure you will find anything...

        Then again...last time I was at White Hut...I left a little dissapointed,...not sure why...

        Places with long history and tradiiton develop a clientel that will frequent them regaldless of either competition or pooor food and service...noit that WH has any issue with those points.,..

        But...if you opened a place today and made the small sliders...and serrved it with minimal ambiance or would have a hard time building a one does it...yoiu need the years behind you...the pizza places in New Haven are of this ilk...there are plenty of oither great pizza places..but people like to go and say they are part of the history...Louies lunch is that way...I tried for years to like them...finally gave up...just not worth the energy it took to absorb the abuse and wait for a small burger on toast with no ketchup.

    2. I've never been to White Hut, but I just looked at some pictures of the food, and the place that came to mind was Guido's Drive In in Manchester. Not the best quality, of course, but it's cheap and tastes good for what it is.

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        I've never been to White Hut either, but how about the Sycamore Drive-In in Bethel?

        White Hut
        280 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA 01089

      2. zamm, growing up in agawam, we'd hit the White Hut at least twice a month (and every now and then for their breakfast sandwiches). Kinda funny the way they tallied up your order with a pencil on the countertop when the place got busy. They did open up a place in Springfield that didnt last too long, but I'm thinking the one you have in mind is the original location on Memorial Ave. in West Spfld.
        Only place that comes to mind might be Harry's Place in Colchester. Decent place on the side of the road with good burgers and dogs (and other offerings). Good luck on your search and please keep us posted.

        Harry's Place
        104 Broadway, Colchester, CT 06415

        White Hut
        280 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA 01089

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          Harry's is a great little place. I was very happy with their burgers. Shady Glen in Manchester has a great burger too with fried cheese. I reside in the home of the Hut. Every time friends come in from out of town, White Hut is sometimes asked for, but usually demanded that we go for lunch. I hear they're opening another Hut in Amherst. It'll probably be a goldmine if it stays open late night. Those Umass students will be lining up for those burgers to soak up the booze.

          White Hut
          280 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA 01089