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Jul 13, 2011 05:59 PM

Splurge Lunch Recommendations in Paris?

Looking for 2-3 recommendations for the best prix-fixe lunches under 200 euros in Paris - meals that can't be missed. As points of reference, my favorite restaurants in New York are Le Bernardin and Daniel.

If it's something that absolutely requires reservations several weeks in advance, then it's out of the question. Some restaurants with Saturday lunches would be great as well.

Also, if you could include prices (particularly for those restaurants that have a different lunch and dinner price), that would be great.

And I know that this may have been discussed to death, but I'm in Paris right now and just don't have the time to sort through search results. Plus, based on my quick search, people give many options - I'd just like your 2-3 "must visit" restaurants.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Well, there are so many choices ... most of the "splurge" restaurants will require a reservation; but you could get a table if you are lucky by calling the restaurant a day before or even the same day .

    (I think you can find online menus for all of them)

    I loved "Passage 53" when I went there for lunch last november.
    I also loved "Gaya Rive Gauche"
    I also loved L'atelier Joel Robuchon"

    You can also have the "Lunch" menus at the michelin 3 stars, usually more "cost effective", for example at Pierre Gagnaire, Le Cinq or Guy Savoy (does he still offer an "internet" deal ?)

    i also loved "Claude Colliot', but I only went for lunch.


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      yes Savoy still has the internet deal but is 110e now, had it about a month ago.

    2. You might want to "compare & contrast" Le Divellec (one star) with L Bernardin (also one of our favorites). They have a 70 Euro lunch menu. The atmosphere is similar, a bit formal.