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Jul 13, 2011 04:53 PM

St John Restaurant (@ St John Hotel, London)

Just wondering if anyone has been recently, and what were your experiences?

We have eaten @ St John (Smithfield) and enjoyed it very much.

Unless I'm not using the search properly, I don't see any recent postings here about the restaurant at the new hotel..

ps what are 11s??

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  1. Elevenses are a mid morning snack a bit later than morning tea - basically to keep you going between breakfast and lunch.

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      Ah yes, I thought as much.. but what would typically be served as 11s?

    2. I went for Breakfast there last Saturday and absolutely loved it - It made my journey down at Silly O'Clock absolutely worth it. They were sadly out of Devilled Kidneys on toast by the time I got there but everything we had was delicious: From the blood pudding which was crisp on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside with beans to the perfectly boiled eggs with the anchovy on toast. Oh, and the Breakfast Buns were quite heavenly - Light, fluffy, yet incredibly buttery and rich. I've already arranged to travel down extra early next time I head to Londinium just to have breakfast there again..

      1. We went with friends on a whim on a rainy Sunday. Spent several hours in the bar drinking hanky pankys which makes you feel pervy when ordering, but taste much more serious. And the fried pork rinds were so cruncy and guilty pleasure bar food. I wasn't very hungry but was EXTREMELY annoyed when my starter of clams did not come with lava bread as described on the menu, but some savory eggy bread was substituted. But I was too drunk to complain. I don't eat much meat, so in many ways St. Johns isnt the restaurant for me. For my 2nd plate, I had some farro with goat curd and cute vegetables. Superior to what I make at home by about 15%. The dessert we had was delicious. I think what I remember most from a meal only a month ago is how chic the environment is, but not the food. But even the decor is a mixed blessing if you have had too many drinks; I swore the cruise line interior made me feel a bit sea leggy. One of our friends took photos and put them on his blog:

        St. John
        26 St John Street, London EC1M 4AY, GB

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          "...but was EXTREMELY annoyed when my starter of clams did not come with lava bread as described on the menu, but some savory eggy bread was substituted." - you do realise that lava bread isn't bread at all but seaweed that has been cooked and pureed and thus was probably the sauce with your clams. The eggy bread was probably just an accompaniment to clams and lava bread.

          Here is the great Keith Floyd cooking a cockle and lave bread dish:

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            Yes, a Welsh dish - laverbread, but often mistermed lava bread :-)

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              I was annoyed it was misspelled. But didn't realize it could have disintegrated into the sauce. I was really hoping to have it in the solid form as I had never had it before.

              1. re: relizabeth

                relizabeth - it isn't solid, it's a puree/paste - are you still thinking it should look like a slice of bread?

                From WikiAnswers: "Laverbread(sometimes mistermed lava bread) is a traditional Welsh delicacy (Welsh: Bara Lawr) made from the seaweed (Porphyra Umillicalis).The name is derived from an English word for some seaweed:laver. The seaweed is chopped up and boiled for several hours. The gelatinous paste that results is called laverbread. laverbread is traditionaly eaten with cockles and bacon or on hot buttered toast."

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                  It wouldn't have disintegrated in to the sauce - it IS the sauce, or at least forms part of the sauce. And the eggy bread wouldn't be replacing it.