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Jul 13, 2011 04:28 PM

Gluten Free in Melbourne?

After a chat with a nutritionist, I'm going gluten free for a few weeks in an attempt to solve some health issues... buuuuut I don't want to give up going out with friends for lunch or dinner or afternoon tea altogether! Can anyone recommend any good cafes or restaurants that offer decent gluten free options??? Or a good recipe for gluten free corn bread?!

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  1. It's getting easier and easier to eat gluten free now.
    By far the best GF bread I have found is
    Dallas Bakery Gluten Free and Yeast Free Bread
    Thomas Dux carries it or you can order 6 loaves from Dallas Bakery and freeze. Makes great toast

    When I travel to Melbourne most good restaurants have no problem with GF. It's always best to ring in advance to get them know. Italian can be a bit more difficult, but sometimes I travel with my own pasta and pizza base. Chefs are usually very accommodating.

    You can now easily buy GF flours, breadcrumbs, pastry etc. Try all the different brands until you find what you like. They are all different.

    Don't worry .... and you'll feel better. It's worth it.

    1. My advice, based on eating with a gluten intolerant relative, is simple: choose dishes that don't have a gluten component - there are usually lots of them.

      That may seem blindingly obvious advice but I can tell you there is nothing more frustrating than waiting to order whilst the gluten intolerant person gives the waiting staff the third degree over the contents of each dish, and then tries to negotiate changes to certain dishes.

      My most memorable meal was when I took them to a great fish restaurant where most dishes had not a trace of gluten, but she then ordered the beer battered fish and chips and proceeded to dissect the dish to remove the batter. At least she didn't ask the chef for gluten free beer battered fish - it was FishFace in Sydney and Steve Hodges takes his food seriously...!

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        A girfriend of mine is wheat intolerant (not the same as gluten intolerant, but raises many of the same issues!). Her blog has great commentary on adapting receipes for wheat/gluten free and stacks of restaurant reviews which often comment on their GF-friendliness. Hope you find it helpful. Good luck.

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          hehe I actually already read this blog! It is great :)

      2. Great gluten free pizza at Pizza Farro in Thornbury

        1. De clieu does gluten free if you want hipster cafe times.

          1. for the hardcore gluten free zealot (like me!) SACS Gluten Free Cafe in Westbeth was a respite during a lengthy stay in Melbourne. Their battered fish and chips were delish! I got a huge piece of fish covered in crispy light batter... and I'd also grab a few sausage rolls for take-away lunch the next day. Granted the service was slow, but they provide such a specialized kind of cuisine, dishes I could never eat elsewhere, that I tried to let that slide.

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                yep, sorry! getting my cities mixed up!