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Jul 13, 2011 04:26 PM

What are you doing for Carmaggedon weekend?

At first I thought of getting together with others on the block and have a small block party. We are still talking about it. It would be nice and it will be a nice weekend to boot. Otherwise, we are just going to stay close to home and go to a local restaurant. Luckily, we have a lot of restaurants around here. Might try one of the new ones, in the Grove area. So what are you doing?

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  1. Taking Jet Blue from Burbank to Long Beach. Going to At Last Cafe for dinner on Sat. Still making plans for Sun.

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      Spending some time in the Blue Room (bar) at Tavern. Drinks are $4.05, chocolate chip cookies ($1.01) and grilled cheese sandwiches are $10.00

      1. re: reality check

        That $4 deal is so cool. I think it'll be booked up soon.

        1. re: J.L.

          The $4 publicity stunt is all sold out.

          We have to pick up a cheesecake from the C Factory on Sunday, I'm trying to decide which C Factory will be easiest to get to without getting on a freeway

      2. Hoping Langer's will be empty.

        Langer's Delicatessen
        704 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057

        1. taking imperial highway east to Mariscos Chente.
          what else?
          west imperial highway and yukon

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            1. a block party is a nice idea! it's too bad i don't like most of the people in my building or i'd suggest we do one in our clubhouse ;)

              there are some good deals happening around town...Wine Expo in Santa Monica is offering 40.5% off all tabs in their Tasting Bar!

              others here for those interested: