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Jul 13, 2011 03:27 PM

Any Breakfast or Brunch suggestions while driving up PCH from Malibu to Pismo

Hello All,

I need to drive to Pismo Beach this weekend for a wedding. I know it is Carmageddon weekend, but i have no choice in the matter. I plan to start my drive before sunrise on Saturday and would like to stop for breakfast somewhere off PCH, hopefully no too far off PCH. I am hoping some Chowhounds out there can recommend a killer breakfast place to take the edge off my Carmageddon shock. :)

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  1. what Carmageddon? Pismo is not the 405 and you'll be fine taking PCH up to Ventura 101 intersection. But if you start before sunrise you'll be somewhere North of Santa Barbara by breakfast time. Not much going on until you reach San Luis Obispo.

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      sorry, I meant Lompoc would be the nearest place. So I'd suggest cutting up to Solvang from Santa Barbara and having have a very Danish breakfast

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        Thank you for the info. Now my taste buds are hankering for Danish pastries.

        I think the Bride has freaked out and thinks that Carmaggedon will prevent her guests from arriving.

        I am trying to plan alternate routes from LA to Pismo because of the 405. PCH meets up with the 101?

        Good to know.

        Now, if only I can get a grip on this whole “alternate route” situation. Too bad I’m not good with maps.

    2. Hi-

      For the leg of this trip beyond the Ventura/Santa Barbara county line you will want to post a query on the California board.


      1. You could check out Paradise Cove, can't beat its location and view:

        1. Last weekend we went up to Cambria, and took PCH from Malibu until it merged w/101 in Oxnard. There's a Googie-style diner now decked out in Country French drag in Oxnard, just before you get to Downtown proper, called Henri's something-or-other. We just had sandwiches, but it looked quite promising. Our favorite place, if we're hungry before we pass Santa Barbara, is the Busy Bee Cafe on Main Street in Ventura. Looks like a fake old diner, but it's a REAL old diner that's been spiffed up a bit. Been there about six times, and everything so far has been delicious. But if I could stand the wait I'd hold off until Buellton and Andersen's.

          Busy Bee Cafe
          478 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93001

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